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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Perfect Soft Drink for Summer | J20 Spritz

It's officially Summer which means it's time to soak up the sun, top up your tan and gather together with your family and friends. It's one of my favourite seasons. Speaking of family gatherings, they're very rare with my family nowadays as everyone is growing up, having kids, moving, starting new jobs or getting married. Everyone seems to have grown apart and gone their separate ways. It's a little sad but it happens. It just makes it all the more special when we all get back together again.
J20 Spritz
When we do get together again it's usually a special occasion. You can guarantee at any occasion where mine or Josh's family are involved there will be more than enough food and drink to feed the 5000. 

Seeing as we're on the subject of food and drink, I have discovered the perfect beverage to accompany any Summer Social occasion. It comes in the form of the J20 Spritz! I stupidly thought they were new at first as I've never spotted them in any Supermarkets before, but it turns out that they launched back in 2015 as part of the Britvic owned J20 range which specialises in adult soft drinks. Hands up if you ever had a J20 at a family occasion when you were younger? I sure did, multiple times in fact. Even as an adult I bulk buy the original J20 juice drinks for occasions such as Christmas and the New Year.

The J20 Spritz range comprises of two different flavours- Pear and Raspberry and Apple and Watermelon. They come in the same glass bottle like the original soft J20 drinks. The J20 Spritz drinks are low in calories and sugar(only 55 calories per bottle) with a refreshing, sparkling taste. 
J20 Spritz

This is my favourite flavour out of the two available. The combination of Pear and Raspberry introduces a crisp, fruity and sweet flavour to the taste buds. It's absolutely divine. I was a little cautious at first with it being the sparkling variety to the original J20 drinks but it's not completely overloaded with sugar or soda which made me thoroughly enjoy it. 

This really tingles the taste buds. It has a very refreshing, clean taste and the combination of the Apple and Watermelon makes my mouth water. This particular flavour goes really well with rich, hearty and salty dishes like burgers or hot dogs which makes this the perfect accompaniment for a BBQ. 

As enticing and delicious as they sound, the thing that is almost as attractive as the flavour is the price. You can grab yourself a pack of six of any of the two flavours from Tesco for £6. That is a bargain. They are also available in a bigger 750ml bottle which will set you back £1.50 and a pack of 4 for £3.50 in ASDA. With the 750ml bottle you could easily pop it into a bucket of ice and leave it to chill, ready for any guests to enjoy, should you be hosting any friends or family. You could also pour them into individual martini glasses and add a bit of fruit to make the perfect mocktail. The J20 Spritz is the perfect alternative to alcohol.

You can compare prices on any of their products here so you can find out which store has the best offers. How handy is that? That would save you a few pennies.

Have you tried the J20 Spritz?

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