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Monday, 15 July 2019

Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer

I absolutely love makeup primers. Without a primer my makeup just doesn't sit well or last for a long period of time. They are absolutely necessary for me, but some can be a hit and miss. I have tried many different primers over the last couple of years, from silicon based primers to hydrating primers, glow giving primers, pore filling primers and so much more.

I always sway towards higher end primers over drugstore primers. The Too Faced Hangover Primer was my go to for well over a year until I finished it up, but instead of repurchasing it I decided it was time to try something new, and preferably cheaper. Over the last few months I've purchased my fair share of primers. Just last month I shared one of those with you (the Primark PS Prep and Perfect Glow Iridiscent Elixir). It was my absolute favourite primer to use up until a month or so ago when I purchased the Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer(£5).
Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer
I just couldn't resist it. It reminded me of the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer which is a touch more expensive at £30 for a 30ml bottle as opposed to the Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Primer which is only £5 for 30ml. I haven't tried the YSL version myself but I was really hoping this could be a possible dupe. 

First things first, let's talk packaging. The primer comes housed within a sturdy, see through glass bottle which comes with a pump. It looks very appealing and luxurious and I love that those beautiful golden flecks in the primer show through the bottle.  
Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer
The Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer is a silicone primer which is infused with golden flecks of glitter and fragranced with coconut(which smells heavenly). I'm usually very wary about silicone based primers as some work well for me, and some don't, but I'm pleased to say this has been a dream to work with. It has a wonderful silky, gel like texture to it which makes my makeup adhere to it very well. 

If you are a little apprehensive about the golden flecks of glitter within the primer, you needn't worry. They are not very visible once you apply the primer to your skin. It doesn't make your skin look glittery in the slightest. It gives your skin a beautiful subtle glow which you will be able to see clearly when your face catches the light.
Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer
This has lasted me for so long already. I purchased it well over a month ago and I still have plenty of product left in the bottle. I feel like it'll keep me going for a while yet. A little goes a long way in regards to how much you need to apply as it's of a very thin consistency.

It minimises and blurs my pores, making my skin look smooth and almost airbrushed once my makeup is applied on top, It also keeps my makeup in place for hours on end. The blurring aspect of the primer makes me extremely happy as I have big pores right near my nose which I hugely dislike and I can barely even see them when I use this. 
Primark PS Summer Blur Soft Focus Blur Primer Swatch
Overall, it's an incredible primer. This is yet another Primark purchase that has surprised me. I believe this may be a part of the Primark Summer Collection so I don't think this will be available to purchase for long. Correct me if I'm wrong! If I'm right then I'll definitely have to stock up. It's not a primer that'll break the bank. I could buy five of these primers for the amount I would usually spend on my Too Faced Hangover Primer. 

What's your favourite makeup primer?
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