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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Seoulista Beauty Head-to-Toe Glow Box | Detoxified and Amplified

Late last year I told you all about my love for the Seoulista Beauty Sheet Masks. They are sold individually or in multipacks, but Seoulista Beauty have now came out with a collection, the Head-to-Toe Glow Box which is Limited Edition and ensures your skin looks radiant and glowing. 

 Each Head-to-Toe Glow Box contains a trio of masks which you can use to treat and pamper various parts of your body. There's a sheet mask for your face, hands and feet.
Seoulista Beauty Detoxified and Amplified Head-to-Toe Glow Box
 First off, I love the packaging with the clear box and holographic sleeve over the top, with the trio of masks placed firmly inside. It looks so pretty and very appealing to the eye. On the packaging it reveals that Seoulista Beauty are a multi award winning brand, having won 3 beauty awards. Isn't that incredible?

There are four different Head-to-Toe Boxes in the collection. The only difference between the four is that they each contain a different facial mask to treat a specific skin concern. There's the Hydrated and Elated Head-to-Toe Glow Box, Brightened and Enlightened Head-to-Toe Glow Box, Calmed and Collected Head-to-Toe Glow Box and finally, the Detoxified and Amplified Head-to Toe Glow Box.

I was very kindly sent the Detoxified and Amplified Head-to-Toe Glow Box which consists of the Charcoal Detox Instant Facial, Rosy Hands Instant Manicure and Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure masks. As mentioned I already wrote a full review on each of the masks over here, but I thought I'd go ahead and give you the lowdown on each of the masks within this particular box here too.
Seoulista Beauty Detoxified and Amplified Head-to-Toe Glow Box
Charcoal Detox Instant Facial (£7.99)

The Charcoal Detox Instant Facial is one of my favourite instant facials from Seoulista Beauty. It is a natural, black bamboo mask infused with Charcoal and Volcanic Ash which is used to cleanse and purge the skin of any dirt or oil that is underneath the surface of the skin, leaving the complexion feeling smooth and looking healthy and clean. 

I cleanse beforehand and then remove the mask from it's packaging and place it firmly on my face, ensuring it fits in all the right places. It didn't move at all when I was doing the household chores while I was waiting for the serum in the sheet mask to sink in which was a huge plus. Some sheet masks have a tendency to move everywhere but luckily this didn't. I kept the mask on for a good 20 minutes before removing it and massaging the remainder of the serum from the mask into my skin.

It has such a lovely cooling sensation to it which was just so lovely and soothing on my skin. It's very hydrating and it did a fabulous job of minimising pores, ridding my skin of impurities and evening out my skin tone. It is a must when my skin is at it's worse. 

Rosy Hands Instant Manicure (£7.99)

 It is a double layered mask which is specifically for the hands. It contains a blend of antioxidants to soothe and revitalize as well as vitamin c, beeswax and bulgarian rose oil to heal, hydrate and scent the hands. My hands can get dry at times and so they do require a bit of tlc now and again.

I apply the hand mask straight onto my hands and keep it in place with the strap that it comes with, and then I live them on for 30 minutes to work its magic. Once removed my skin felt incredibly soft and my hands smelt amaaazing which is of course down to the bulgarian rose oil. This hand mask does a better job than most hand creams I've used. It is a real treat. 

Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure (£7.99) 

I am partial to wearing heels, even in this hot weather and my feet can get in terrible condition, which is where this mask comes in. Again, this is a double layered mask which is infused with vitamin c, beeswax and bulgarian rose oil to protect and hydrate cuticles, nails and also soften the skin.

I place the mask over both of my feet and yet again use the strap it comes with to keep them in place. Then I wait for 30 minutes for the serum in the mask to soak in. I can move freely with them on and not fear that they'll come off. After the time is up I remove the masks and rub the remaining serum into my feet. The result is soft, smooth feet. 

The Seoulista Beauty Head-to-Toe Box is a fantastic way to pamper yourself and also try different products. Each box retails for £24 over on the Seoulista Beauty website which works out to be around the same price that you'd pay if you were to buy all three of the masks separately. 

Have you tried a Seoulista Beauty Mask before?

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