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Monday, 13 May 2019

Derma V10 Clay Masks Review

I absolutely love face masks. In fact I have a huge stash of them. Clay masks, sheet masks, peel off masks, thermal masks, natural masks. I've near enough tried them all. I like to take time out for myself at least once or twice a week when the boys are in bed to have a little pamper. Pretty much every time I will have a face mask to hand. It is the perfect pick me up.

 It's took me a while to get here as I was offered to try the Derma V10 Clay Masks quite a while ago but I totally forgot due to there being so much going on. Better late than never though eh?
Derma V10 Clay Masks
I have previously read a few reviews on the brands products, but I'd never tried anything from them, so I was intrigued to see how their Clay Masks would work for me.

Derma V10 prides themselves on their ability to produce quality products at affordable prices. As well as that they like to use recyclable packaging when possible and they don't test on animals which gets a huge thumbs up from me. I love that many brands are becoming cruelty free lately.

The packaging of the Derma V10 Clay Masks is remarkably similar to that of the L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks(which I absolutely love). The outer packaging is cardboard while the actual mask itself comes in a circular glass jar with a plastic lid and bold white text along the front. 
Derma V10 Clay Masks
 The instructions to apply are simple. Apply to cleansed, dry skin(very lightly and evenly) then leave up to 15 minutes or until fully dry, then rinse. I like to use a soft flannel or muslin cloth for this. 

All of the clay masks contain the same three ingredients- Kaolin clay, Honey and Vitamin E. Kaolin Clay is a a highly effective natural clay which is known to be effective at absorbing impurities and eliminating them. Honey is a natural moisturiser which works well at smoothing, soothing and hydrating the skin. And lastly, Vitamin E is fantastic at improving the skins texture. 

They currently have three clay masks:

- Clay Mask with Charcoal (Detoxifying)

- Clay Mask with Eucalyptus (Purifying)

- Clay Mask with Red Algae (Brightening)

Each face mask contains 50ml of product which is claimed to last up to 10 applications(not bad for only £1.99 is it?). They each have a chemical scent to them too which I'm not exactly keen on, but that scent soon dissipates once applied to the skin. 
Derma V10 Clay Masks
I hate to say I have a favourite of the three, but I do- the Detoxifying Clay Mask which contains Charcoal. I absolutely love face masks with charcoal. I find that charcoal is fantastic for problematic, acne prone skin like mine as it penetrates the layers of skin and absorbs the impurities, while also eliminating any excess oil. As well as that it tightens my pores too. After use my skin felt soft, smooth and clean. I did have that tight feeling after rinsing the mask off but that lasted all of 10 minutes at least.

The Purifying Clay Mask contains Eucalyptus extract which is known to purify and soothe irritation. Sometimes my face can go a little red in certain areas, especially after removing makeup. I found that using this some time after removing my makeup calmed down the redness in my skin due to the soothing, cooling effect it has. My skin also felt incredibly soft and hydrated after use too. 

Last but not least- the Brightening Clay Mask. This has Walnut Shell to exfoliate the skin and Red Algae to soothe and brighten the skin. When layering this on my skin I can definitely feel that light exfoliation from the Walnut Shell. It doesn't feel too gritty or harsh which I like. It really improved my skins texture, especially in places where maybe my skin was a little dry. Dry patches were soon gone and my skin was left looking healthy and bright and it felt wonderfully smooth. 

Overall, I really like these masks. The only real issue I had with them was the scent. It's not necessarily off putting but it wasn't lovely either. I also found that applying a light layer of the face mask to be the most effective. I've made the mistake of applying the face mask a little too heavily and it took a little too long to dry(perhaps 30 minutes as opposed to the usual 15 minutes). I am a very impatient person and I can't bare for a face mask to be on for any longer than 20 minutes at least. 

I am amazed that each of these were only £1.99. They are a bargain. I will certainly be purchasing more in the future. 

 Speaking of purchasing, you can buy these clay masks here from Fragrance Direct.

Have you tried these Face Masks before?
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