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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Baby Essentials | Bibetta Plush Baby Bib and Luxury Burp Cloth

As you may know I am a mummy of three beautiful little boys. Alfie is the oldest of them all at four years old and then I also have Harrison who is one and a half and Oscar who is seven months old. My youngest two, Harrison and Oscar were born just a year and eight days apart. Well, something along those lines. It was pretty testing having two boys back to back. I certainly wouldn't do that again in a rush. 

Now, a while ago I was kindly sent the Bibetta Plush Bib and Luxury Burp Cloth. I was really hoping to review these for you earlier but it wasn't right at the time. For me, Bibs and Burp Cloths are absolutely essential. I bought so many for the boys as I know how quickly they can go through them. Babies tend to make a mess, despite them being quite young. They either stained them or soaked through them quickly. I was always washing them, and they'd go through at least 2 or 3 bibs per day. It was ridiculous. Some of them I had to chuck away as they just weren't in the best of condition anymore. 
Bibetta Plush Baby Bib and Luxury Burp Cloth
Oscar, my youngest baby, was bottle fed from birth. For a few months after he was born he would occasionally bring up milk, especially after being winded, and that's where the Burp Cloth came in handy. 

The Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth(£12.49) has two pockets on either side, which have become quite useful. After each bottle, Oscar would need to be winded at least once or twice, and each time he would bring up milk. By throwing the Burp Cloth over my shoulder while winding him, I managed to avoid him being sick on himself and me. The dribble catcher pockets managed to catch all the milk and sick which he brought up. I wish I had it when Alfie and Harrison were babies. The amount of times I had to change them after winding them was honestly astonishing.

As well as that, the material is very soft and it has a cuddle feel to it which made Oscar feel super comfortable and it didn't irritate him either, which I really like. It was easily washable too. I can't seem to find this anywhere in stock right now which is really disappointing. I do hope it's not been discontinued! I'll be sure to update you when I find out. 

Now that Oscar has been weaned onto food the Bibetta Newborn Plush Baby Bib(£5.99) is being used continuously. I understand that it's been named as a bib for Newborn babies, but it can also be used for younger babies too. Oscar is seven months old now and it still fits him.

The bib has a really soft feel to it, almost like you're cuddling up to a teddy bear, which is extremely comforting for him. It's completely waterproof too so any dribble that is caught on the bib doesn't soak through and irritate Oscar. Many bibs that we've used in the past have been soaked through and he's ended up with a dribble rash around his mouth and chest, as well as soaked clothes underneath, so this has already helped so much. The Bib comes in two neutral colours- Taupe and Cream or White and Grey, which I think is great as they co-ordinate well with many different outfits. It also has a cute little teddy embossed in the centre of the bib which I think is a lovely little touch too.

Both of these have been saviours for me while Oscar was newborn, and the Bib still comes in handy now. I really do recommend them both. They're extremely luxurious, of great quality, and they're not too pricey either. 

What are your Baby Essentials?

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