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Monday, 29 October 2018

Ardell Beauty Mascaras

A while ago I was kindly sent out four new mascaras to try out from Ardell Beauty. You may have heard of Ardell before as they're quite popular for their false eyelashes, but they've since delved into makeup too, and they now have their own makeup line. Ardell Beauty have a whole range of beauty products, from foundation, to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and so much more.
Ardell Beauty Mascaras
While I do love the effect that Ardell Lashes give, I am a beginner when it comes to applying them. I just find it so tricky. When I was a teen I nearly glued one of my eyes together with really strong lash glue(not even kidding). I have got better, although I don't wear false eyelashes as often as I'd like. They're kept back for special occasions. I much prefer the convenience of a mascara on a daily basis. There's no fear of gluing my eye shut or my false eyelashes falling out(been there, done that, and it's quite embarassing), and you can top up whenever you wish.

Now, Ardell Beauty currently have six different mascaras to choose from, and they are all unique in their own ways. The six mascaras are Wispies, Double Up, Splash Party, Mega Volume, Faux Mink and the Top and Bottom Mascara. I've been trying out Double Up, Splash Party, Wispies and the Top and Bottom Mascara.
Ardell Beauty Mascaras
Ardell Beauty Wispies Fiber Building Mascara
Ardell Beauty Wispies Fiber Building Mascara (£11.95)

The Wispies Fiber Building Mascara in Jet Black has an hourglass shaped wand with hair-like fibers to add volume and length. It does exactly that, and it's unlike any other fiber building mascara I've tried before too. Many of the ones I've tried consist of double dipping into the mascara and then the fibers, and well, that just irritates the heck out of my eyes, but this is entirely different, and it definitely doesn't irritate my eyes either. I normally have to build up my mascara a ton to achieve the 'faux lash' effect that I so crave for, but I don't find myself having to do so with this mascara. After using it, my lashes look thick, but wispy and separated. No spider lashes seen here. It's lovely, and it seems to withstand the rainy weather too. It gets a huge thumbs up from me.
Ardell Beauty Double Up Volumizing Mascara
Ardell Beauty Double Up Volumizing Mascara (£9.95)

The Double Up Volumizing Mascara in Blackest Black is  essentially a 2 in 1 mascara. Usually I'd have to use two mascaras to achieve both volume and length, but this mascara does both. It has an interesting concept. It has two separate caps, and in the top cap you can reveal a smaller, thinner looking tapered cone wand to achieve longer lashes, and if you want to go all out, the bottom cap has a thicker looking wand to add volume. I had a mascara like this from Rimmel a few years back, and I was completely obsessed, but I actually think I like this mascara more. I find that this formula is rather wet looking and literally the blackest black, as the shade name suggests. It doesn't seem to transfer, unless I blink too quick after applying it, but that's no biggie. I really love this mascara.
Ardell Beauty Splash Party Waterproof Mascara
Ardell Beauty Splash Party Waterproof Mascara (£9.95)

The Splash Party Waterproof Mascara in Noir is a waterproof mascara that is said to be a full coverage formula which is water and smudge resistant for long-lasting wear. It has a curved wand which makes it easier to coat every lash, while also separating them too, avoiding my lashes from being too clumpy. It doesn't give me a huge amount of volume as the double up or wispies mascaras do, but it's okay. It's something I can deal with as it really elongates my lashes. I tested this mascara out in the rain and even in the shower too, just to see if it could withstand it, and it passed both of those tests. It's quite impressive.
Ardell Beauty Top and Bottom Precision Mascara
Ardell Beauty Top and Bottom Precision Mascara (£11.95)

Out of all four of the mascaras I tried, the Top and Bottom Precision Mascara in Ebony is my favourite. It has a dual ended wand so you can control how much impact you want to have on your lashes. The top has a full tapered wand which you can use on your top lashes to define, add volume and lengthen the lashes, while the bottom has a micro wand which makes it super easy to coat, separate and elongate the lower lashes. The miro wand is so precise and I find it so much easier to use compared to my current bottom lash mascara(Maybelline Push up Angel). Both mascaras are worlds apart. The formula isn't too wet so it doesn't transfer, nor smudge which I like. The longevity is second to none too. It's really a wonderful mascara. I've since replaced my Maybelline Mascara with this beaut. 

Overall, I really think the price of the mascaras are extremely reasonable. They seem to be great quality. I can't fault that, and the packaging is so beautiful too. I am keen to see what the rest of their beauty line is like.
What are your thoughts on the Ardell Beauty Mascaras? Have you tried one before?

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