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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime | Review

If there is one thing I am super self conscious about it's my teeth. From a young age I never had the best looking teeth, despite taking very good care of them. I had an overbite which a couple of people had pointed out during my school years. I was pointed at, laughed at and I was even nicknamed 'Bugs Bunny' by a few classroom bullies, which is enough to make anyone feel embarassed and upset by their appearance. Thankfully since then my overbite has been corrected through a couple of years of wearing braces, and then onto a double jaw surgery operation. It was quite a dramatic move to make, but it seems to have been for the best, though I still have a few issues with my teeth now.

I am still not yet comfortable with smiling with my teeth, even though they are straighter. I've always wanted them to be much whiter, though I never wanted to invest a lot of money in my bid for whiter teeth so I always tried cheaper alternatives instead, most of which were whitening toothpastes.

For the last couple of months I've been testing out the Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime in my bid to achieve whiter teeth, but did it get a thumbs up, or a thumbs down?
Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime
I was a little apprehensive about trying out the kit at first as some whitening kits can include quite harsh ingredients which aren't suitable to use throughout pregnancy, but my mind was soon put at ease. All of the products within the Nano range have been produced and  formulated by UK dentists to be SLS free, alcohol free, paraben free,triclosan free and PEG free. Whitewash use an advanced Enamel Care Technology© as a key ingredient within the Nano formula. This utilises a patented hydroxyapatite ingredient which is a small hydroxyapatite crystal which has the ability to re-harden softened enamel. It is combined with three other ingredients; fluoride(to remineralise teeth), xylitol(to inhibit the growth of bacteria which prevents acid attacks) and potassium nitrate(to prevent tooth sensitivity).

The Nano Daily Whitening Kit includes four products to cater for all of your teeth whitening needs: the Nano Whitening Toothpaste(75ml), Nano Whitening Mouthwash(300ml), Nano Whitening Toothbrush and a choice of Floss. There is the Nano Micro-Riser Floss or the Anti-Stain Floss to choose from.
Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime
  The Nano Whitening Toothpaste contains a combination of mico-polishers to remove surface stains, as well as the Enamel Care Technology© and xylitol to help repair teeth, reduce sensitivity and prevent acid attacks. I used this twice daily for around two months in combination with the toothbrush provided and I have to say it made my teeth look visibly cleaner and they felt smoother and stronger too. A stain that once looked quite prominent on my tooth has seemed to reduce too. Just that alone has really impressed me as it's something that's bugged me for the longest time. It also has a minty taste to it which I really enjoy.

Now, onto the toothbrush. It has been made with Whitening Bristle Technology©  which are essentially special whitening bristles which are meant to help to remove and prevent the build up of stains on the teeth. The bristles are very soft in comparison to the usual manual toothbrushes you'd buy from the supermarket or drugstore which makes brushing an extremely pleasant experience as they're not harsh on the teeth or gums. The curved shape of the handle makes it very easy to grip onto as well. 

The Nano Whitening Mouthwash is instructed to be used twice a day, before using the toothpaste, rather than after. I stupidly didn't know this the first time I used it. I am so used to using mouthwash after brushing. It has a minty taste to it which I like. It's not overwhelmingly strong like many other mouthwashes can be which is a good thing. It leaves my breath feeling and smelling nice and fresh. 

And lastly is the Nano Floss. As I mentioned before, you get a pick of two to choose from. I have the Micro-Riser Expanding Floss(25m). It is a micro-fibre thread which expands between teeth when flossing. Admittedly I didn't floss my teeth as much as I should before, and I can see why. While yes it's easy to get in between the teeth and clean with, it just feels a little too painful for me to use on a daily basis so I limit its use to as least once or twice a week, rather than on the daily. 

 Overall, I've really enjoyed using the kit. So far I have seen a subtle difference in the shade of my teeth, but I am hoping to carry on with it, and see if it gets any better. I personally think it's worth trying if you don't want to spend an incredible amount of money on the dental whitening process. The kit currently retails for £33.83, and you can buy it directly here. Whitewash is also available to buy from Boots and Chemists Direct too. 

Have you tried teeth whitening products before? I'd love to know what you've used and what your results were!

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