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Monday, 30 April 2018

A Mini Revolution Makeup Haul

Just last week myself and Josh took ourselves off into town with Harrison whilst Alfie was at nursery. We didn't plan to treat ourselves to anything, but I did, although I wasn't super spendy. I popped into Superdrug to see if there was anything new or worth picking up and I ended up coming out of the shop with three things, all of which are from Revolution(previously known as Makeup Revolution). I don't make a habit of buying new makeup lately so it was a real treat for me, though everything I bought was really inexpensive.
A Mini Revolution Makeup Haul
 I didn't particularly have anything in mind that I wanted to buy, but once I locked eyes with the Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Palette, well, I knew from that moment it must be mine. It is full to the brim with warm pinks, purples and oranges with a few neutrals thrown into the mix. If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know that I am a complete sucker for a warm toned eyeshadow palette so it was inevitable that I was going to get it. When I originally spotted it, it looked somehow familiar to me, then I remembered that I had previously read great things about it from other bloggers(particularly Nikki from Love Laughs Lipstick) but somehow I just never found myself picking it up. It was so hyped up so I never bought into it, until now. The bizarre thing is the palette is only £4 too! It was love at first sight, and swatch. I personally think it is quite the bargain. I am so so happy with it, and I can't wait to start playing around with the colours.

 Since I've been pregnant I haven't been able to get my brows tinted as I usually would. My brows are naturally fair. Literally so fair, you wouldn't even be able to tell that I have brows, haha. I have been looking around for different alternatives to my usual HD brow treatment, but I am particularly scared about trying out the brow tints that you use from home. I don't know why, but the whole process scares me a little. There's so many things that run through my head. I mean, what if I get it wrong? What if I end up with no brows? What if they end up darker than intended? I decided to just woman the hell up and pick one up. I got the Revolution Brow Tint in Medium Brown(£5). There were just three shades to choose from- Taupe, Medium Brown and Dark Brown, but I felt like the Medium Brown shade would be my best bet. I am yet to try it but I've already read so many good things about it. Maybe I will finally try it tonight? Fingers crossed it will go okay. Pray for me!

And the last thing that I picked up in this ridiculously small haul is the Revolution Platinum Ingot Highlighter(£4). I have many drugstore highlighters in my collection, though I don't have a silvery-white shade. It's always good to change it up isn't it? I swatched it in store and I was seriously shook. The pigmentation was incredible, especially for one that costs just £4. I didn't expect much from it. I cannot wait to use it now. I shall build it up to my hearts desire. 

And that's all for this haul. I know that I used to post hauls quite regularly but I haven't been doing as much makeup shopping lately, and if I do, I usually show what I've bought over on my Insta stories, so they never make it onto the blog.

If you're interested in finding out what I've been buying/hauling and want me to bring back more haul posts then please do let me know!

What have you been buying lately?
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