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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks by Masque Bar

Can you believe it's finally Christmas Eve? I for one can't. I don't know if you feel like this, but I think the whole month of December drags on, but then when it comes to the big day it goes by with a blink of an eye. It's quite crazy. There are a few things that I like to do to prepare for Christmas Day, and one of those things is to have a pamper night. Now that means a nice relaxing bath with a Lush Christmas bath bomb, a face mask, followed by a full body moisturiser with a beautiful smelling candle in the distance. It is quite literally my idea of heaven.
Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks
Now as I mentioned before one of the things I like to indulge in prior to Christmas Day is a face mask. I have tried many different face masks over the years, from peel off masks to sheet masks and clay masks. Sheet Masks are fairly new to me. I have tried at least one or two, perhaps three over the last year, and I don't think I've disliked any of them. As messy and annoying as they can be, I personally think they are the most luxurious of masks that I've tried. Saying that, sheet masks can make you look pretty horrifying at the best of times, but I still stand by what I say. They are a pleasure to use.

Speaking of sheet masks, I have been trying out some new ones lately. To be specific, the Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks by Masque Bar. The brand is entirely new to me, I have never tried a single mask from them but I've always seen them whilst browsing around my Boots store. Somehow I've just never given them a go, until now. 

These sheet masks are completely different to others I've tried as they are quite fun and quirky. Each mask has an animal imprinted on it which is really cute. It makes me look completely silly, but that's the fun of it. There are many different animals in the range such as a Penguin, Panda, Tiger etc, but there are also some other cute animals like a Reindeer and Polar Bear which look so adorable. Very fitting for the festive season, don't you think?
Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks
I have been using the Polar Bear Nourishing Sheet Mask and the Reindeer Calming Sheet Mask over the last two weeks(I like to use one face mask a week) so I have an idea on how they've worked on my skin. The Polar Bear Nourishing Sheer Mask is as I've mentioned, a nourishing mask, which is formulated with ingredients such as Honeysuckle Flower, Turmeric and Grapefruit to nourish, soften and soothe the skin. The Reindeer Calming Sheet Mask is enriched with Witch Hazel, Fruit Extract and Bee Glue to soothe the skin.

Both of the masks smell incredible. It's extremely pleasing! They're drenched with so much serum that it was quite difficult to unfold the mask at first but it was an absolute dream to apply straight to the face. You can easily smooth it out to make sure it's well and firmly stuck in place. It was a little ill fitting in some areas though. The eye and mouth area was personally a little too small for me.

 I left the masks on for a good 10-20 minutes as recommended and then peeled them off slowly from the top. After it's been removed there is a lot, and I mean a lot of leftover residue, which you then have to pat into the skin so it can sink in and work it's magic even further. At first when you pat the serum into the skin, it can feel a little greasy but that feeling soon goes within minutes. With the Polar Bear Sheet Mask my skin felt amazingly soft, smooth and very hydrated afterwards which I love and the Reindeer Sheet Mask worked well at calming down any redness, whether that's inflammation from my spots or just general redness on my face. 

They are the perfect pamper treat for the wonderful festivities that awaits us, and of course the perfect stocking filler for any skincare lover too. The Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks are suitable for all skin types and definitely appealing to most ages too. You can find them stocked on ASOS and Feel Unique. At the moment they are discounted from the original price(£4, down to £2) on ASOS, although I'm not sure how long they'll be in stock for.

Have you tried the Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks by Masque Bar?
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