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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks by Masque Bar

Can you believe it's finally Christmas Eve? I for one can't. I don't know if you feel like this, but I think the whole month of December drags on, but then when it comes to the big day it goes by with a blink of an eye. It's quite crazy. There are a few things that I like to do to prepare for Christmas Day, and one of those things is to have a pamper night. Now that means a nice relaxing bath with a Lush Christmas bath bomb, a face mask, followed by a full body moisturiser with a beautiful smelling candle in the distance. It is quite literally my idea of heaven.
Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks

Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Christmas Gift Guide with Mad Beauty

We are now counting down the days until the big day, there's really not a lot of time left to finish the all important Christmas present shopping. There is just 8 days to go now! Not that I need to remind you. I'm sure most of you have finished your present shopping by now. In fact we already have, thankfully. Last year me and Josh were running around the shops like headless chickens, grabbing things left, right and centre. It was not enjoyable in the slightest. This year has been quite relaxed in comparison. We started back in September and literally only finished two weeks ago. All the food shopping is done now too, it's one of my favourite things. Who doesn't enjoy that? I was surrounded by way too many festive treats, I could hardly resist. I am so thankful that everything has been done now so I can just sit back, relax and spend time with my boys. 

Now shopping for your loved ones can be difficult at times, especially if they're very particular about what they like. If you're still struggling for ideas on what to buy your daughter, sister, or well, any female in your life, I'm sure I can help you there, especially if they have a love for Beauty, Disney and Unicorns. Now, who doesn't? I'm 23 years old and they are three of my favourite things. Everything I have to show you is from Mad Beauty, a brand which are well known for their fun and quirky products.
A Christmas Gift Guide with Mad Beauty

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Gifting Idea | Magnitone Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Shimmer Cleansing Brush

Christmas present shopping can be so daunting, especially if you're starting it a little later than usual. I did that last year and urgh, I wish I had started it earlier. Thankfully this year we have managed to finish up early, in time for the big day, which is such a relief. It means no traipsing around in town for those last minute gifts and getting lost in the crowds of people. It's a nightmare. I find online shopping to be an absolute godsend around this time of the year. I think there is more options to choose from when shopping online too. Nothing is limited, however the gifting idea that I wanted to share with you today is in fact Limited Edition, and for Christmas only from what I can gather. You know when they say something is Limited Edition? Well, I think that just makes me want it more knowing it might never be sold again.
Magnitone Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Shimmer Cleansing Brush


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