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Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Setting Spray That Will Make Your Makeup Last

A few years ago when I first started wearing makeup, I would only ever set my makeup in place with powder to ensure my makeup stays put throughout the day, but over the years the beauty industry has changed and improved and as well as setting our makeup with powder, we are also using a setting spray too. Well at least I am. I have tried a number of setting sprays over the last few years, from the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray to the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, but there is one in particular that I will always, and I mean always repurchase. That is indeed the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
I've actually talked about it here on my blog before, but I wanted to talk to you about it again, particularly because the packaging has had a complete overhaul, and I love it. Beforehand the setting spray was presented within a white bottle(which got so dirty, so quickly) with purple text and a purple cap popped on the top. It looked a little obsolete I have to admit so I'm glad to see it's been changed. The bottle is now more in keeping with the brand, it gives off quite a grungy vibe with the matte black bottle and the bold purple writing on the front. I am so glad they decided to refresh it as I no longer have to worry about it getting ruined. Boy, did that old packaging pick up dirt easily. It didn't last long before it picked up makeup from my grubby little fingers. It now looks so much more appealing to the eye, and of course the best thing is, it'll stay looking pretty within my collection for as long as I have it. 

Putting the pretty packaging aside, it has become my holy grail of setting sprays. As I've mentioned I have tried many over the years, but somehow I've come to be quite attached to the All Nighter from Urban Decay, and for good reason. I have to admit I forgot about it once I ran out of my original bottle(I have no idea how I did that?) but I was recently sent a bottle of the new refurbished bottle and I started to remember how and why I loved it so much. 

Thankfully the formula has been left untouched when undergoing the overhaul, which I am so pleased about as it's exactly why I liked it in the first place. The All Nighter Setting Spray has been developed in partnership with Skindinavia and is suitable for all skin types and free of oil and parabens. It also has patented Temperature Control Technology which is supposed to minimise the temperature of your makeup, making it last longer, whether that's in hot, humid weather or throughout the cold and rain. Genius? I think so.
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
It applies as a light mist when spritzed onto the face which is nice as it's not too overwhelming at once and it feels somewhat invigorating too. It's said that the spray keeps your makeup firmly in place for up to 16 hours, and I wish I could comment on that but I honestly can't as I don't wear my makeup for as long as perhaps eight hours, or 10 hours if it's a long day, but even then it lasts quite well. After around four hours my makeup still looked as good as when I first applied it. Depending on what foundation I was wearing, it would normally start to crease and settle into fine lines by that time but it doesn't, which I love. 

I always like to keep myself topped up with the setting spray at least once after I've first used it, or maybe a few more times throughout the day, depending on how my makeup looks or how the weather is, especially if it's a rather warm day, just to make me feel a little refreshed. 

I truly cannot be without it. I've ran out of my travel sized bottle so a few days ago I only went out and bought myself the bigger size as I couldn't be without it. Nothing sets my makeup in place like this bad boy, honestly. My makeup barely budges.

You can purchase the smaller travel size(30ml) here for just £10 from Debenhams. Isn't that quite a bargain? It lasts quite a while too. This lasted me a good three weeks or so, which is actually quite good for a travel size. The full size(118ml) is obviously going to be a little more pricier, at £23.50, but I would pay that again and again just to make sure my makeup doesn't move. It's a saviour! You can also buy the full size here from Debenhams.

Have you tried the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray?
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