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Friday, 15 September 2017

Maskorea Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask

There is nothing I love more at the end of a long day than a nice, warm bubble bath, a face mask and a catch up on my favourite blogs. I need at least one pamper night a week so I can just relax and forget about all of the stresses of the week and the lack of sleep that a three month old baby brings. A face mask is a pamper night essential for me. I have a few favourites that I like to use but they're mostly clay masks, though I do like a sheet mask too. Admittedly I haven't tried many sheet masks, but I've always had fantastic results from them.
Maskorea Too Many Late Nights Sleep Mask
The latest brand of sheet masks I've been trying is Maskorea. Now, Maskorea has a lovely story behind it. It's a UK brand, created by two friends, Jenny and Jane. Jenny is an international violinist who was born in Korea. As a international violinist this meant she was on the road a lot and with that she had limited space in her suitcase. This meant she relied a lot on a sheet mask, especially as it barely took up any room at all. The only problem is, she was unable to use one regularly as the prices of sheet masks in the UK aren't too reasonable. Whenever she visited Korea she took the opportunity to stock up on her favourite sheet masks, one of which was a 3- step face mask. Her friend Jane works for start-ups that are looking for the 'next best thing'. There was so much hype surrounding Korean skincare and she made Jenny realise that the hype was real. That's where Maskorea started.

There are three different masks for different purposes, the Instant Glow Sheet Mask, Turn Back the Clock Sheet Mask and the Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask. I have the latter. All three sheet masks have a 3-step system containing the pre-mask foaming cleanser, sheet mask and post mask anti-ageing night cream. 

The Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask is especially created to combat dehydrated and tired skin by brightening the complexion, adding moisture into the skin and improving the skin's elasticity. It is a vitamin c rich formula with hyaluronic acid and kiwi and lemon extracts.

As I've mentioned, it's a 3-step system. The first step is the foaming cleanser. It lathers up very easily and it doesn't dry out the skin, which is good. That's always my main concern when using a foaming cleanser. The second step is the sheet mask itself. It's literally dripping wet with serum and the placements for the eyes, nose and mouth are the perfect shape and size. It has a jelly/gel consistency which makes it a little bit difficult and slippery when unfolding the mask but it sticks to the face easily without slipping and sliding everywhere. I leave the sheet mask on for half and hour, then I massage the remaining serum on my face into my skin, and it's time for the final step, the Anti-Ageing Night Cream. It has a creamy consistency but it's not too thin, nor thick which makes it perfect for my combination skin. It adds plenty of moisture and it makes my skin look much more plump too.

After using the Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask my skin certainly looked a touch brighter and it felt much softer and smoother too. It definitely made me feel and look more alert too which is just what I need if I don't have enough sleep. I really do like the results that it gave me. The mask retails for £7.99, which I find to be quite reasonable, especially as it contains a cleanser and night cream too. 

Have you tried the Maskorea sheet masks before?
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