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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Harrisons Two Month Update

Harrison is now Two Months Old(or 10 weeks old to be precise). He is an absolute delight and the most wonderful addition to the family. Whilst it can be incredibly challenging with two young boys, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am thoroughly enjoying being a mum of two. I am just so happy that this time around I will be around to see every single milestone that Harrison takes. I've mentioned this a few times but I wasn't around to see Alfies first crawl or walk as I was working non-stop after my maternity leave. It was so disheartening missing out on those special moments. Luckily I won't be able to miss out this time around as I'm now a full time mum. It's the best decision I could've possibly made.
I don't know if you can tell the difference between month one and month two but Harrison has certainly changed a lot. He's not long gone from being suited and booted in newborn clothes to being in the next size up, it's crazy. I even think he's starting to outgrow them. It's a good thing I kept all of Alfies clothing as Harrison seems to go through so many outfits in a day. Now I'm talking perhaps three outfits a day, and that's when he has a nappy explosion. Yep, that is not pretty. I completely forgot about how bad it was, urgh. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. My washing is piled ever so high, and that's just after a week, it's mental.

Now, I'm pretty sure you didn't read this to learn about the joy of nappy explosions and dirty laundry. It's not the most wonderful of subjects. Let's talk Harrison, shall we? Well, he's doing incredibly well. He's put on a bit of weight, although I'm not quite sure just how much he's gained as he hasn't been weighed again yet. He certainly does feel a little heavier though. 

Harrison's a lot better with his feeding now. In the beginning we were always having to wake him up to give him a bottle but we haven't had to do that for a while. He wakes up every couple of hours during the day for a feed but sometimes night times can be entirely different. Some nights, if we're lucky, he will sleep through until around 6am, but most of the time he does require a feed every 3 hours. He is quite an angel though, he doesn't take too long to settle. He normally has a bottle, burp and snuggles, then he will drift off back off to sleep happily. It's quite similar to what Alfie was like as a baby. Maybe it's a boy thing? My fingers are crossed that he will stay that way, I don't wanna jinx it.
He's spending a lot more time awake lately during the day which is quite nice. It's so lovely to see his eyes open wide. It's only been within the last two or three weeks that he's started being more active. He looks so fascinated by everything, turning his head and following people with his eyes. He seems to get quite mesmerised by bright colours and lights too. He's started showing his emotions a lot more as well, although I can't quite tell if he's smiling or passing wind.

He also has one hell of a grasp on him. There have been times where I've gone to pick him up out of his moses basket and he's grabbed and pulled on my hair so hard, and let me tell you, it's bloomin' painful. You just wouldn't expect that from a two month old baby. It's so difficult to prise him off me at times, although I'm not too fussed as it shows he is getting stronger as the days go by. I have noticed that he's recently started to shuffle and roll around from side to side too. I'm sure it won't be long until he rolls fully onto his tummy. 

Just last week we had our first post natal checkup. Harrison was seen by the doctor first of all. I was a little concerned by his breathing as he was sounding really strange, making snorting noises. It turned out he unfortunately had a cold, my poor handsome boy, but all is well now he has his nose drops. The worst was yet to come though, the visit to the nurse and his first jabs. Oh, that wasn't pretty. I was in tears as soon as Harrison let out an almighty cry. It's so heartbreaking seeing him in pain, but I know it's for his own good. Luckily as soon as we left the doctors he fell back to sleep, although he was in pain for the first day or two.

It can be a struggle at times with a stroppy two year old(terrible twos eh) and a newborn but it's slowly getting better. I just can't wait until the terrible twos are over. There is so much to look forward to over the next year. I'm already thinking ahead. Me and Josh are planning to take the boys away on their first holiday next summer. Whilst Harrison wouldn't be able to do as much as Alfie will, it'll still be nice nonetheless. 

Writing up these monthly updates just makes me wish that I had done the same for Alfie as it'd be so nice to look back and see how much they've both changed. If you'd like to see how Harrisons first month was, you can read that here.

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