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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Skincare Range

A few months ago I was introduced to the new Pure Active Sensitive Skincare Range from Garnier. The range consists of a full skincare routine, the Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash, Anti-Blemish Clarifying Tonic and the Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. I was unable to make use of the range at the time I received it as I was pregnant. I only avoided using the range up until after I had given birth as one of the ingredients within the products is salicylic acid and that's something that I wanted to avoid using during those nine months. Although it's considered safe to use in small amounts I wanted to avoid using anything that's considered harmful or harsh on my skin.

Of course in typical Lauren fashion I took like a fish to water when I arrived home from the hospital with Harrison and I got myself back into a skincare routine again. Those couple of days I spent in hospital did nothing for my skin. I stupidly forgot to pack my skincare so I didn't use anything but water. Not particularly great when you have acne-prone skin like me.
Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Skincare Range
 I took it upon myself to try the Pure Active Sensitive 28 Day Challenge, using all of the products within the range. I thoroughly enjoy trying out new skincare, especially if it's targeted towards blemished skin. I don't particularly have sensitive skin, although I have had reactions to some products in the past but the cause of the reactions are unknown. 

For the last 28 days I've been putting all three of the products to the test during the day and night as instructed. I haven't used any other skincare(except micellar water) during that whole period so I could easily tell if any change in my skin was down to them.

First off I used the Soap-Free Gel Wash(150ml). I like to use this as a second cleansing wash after removing my makeup. It lathers up slightly which I like and it smells simply divine too, like a cross between cucumber and parma violet sweets. It sounds strange but it seriously smells so good. After using it, it made my skin feel so refreshed and comfortable. Not drying in the slightest. 

The second step is the Clarifying Tonic(200ml). I apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and swipe it on my face, avoiding the eye area. I was quite surprised how much dirt there was still left on my skin when I took first glance at the cotton pad. It was strange as you'd expect to see no dirt at all after using a cleansing wash, however it's good to visibly see that it was actually removing the grime from my skin.

 I have considerably bigger pores around my nose area and I noticed that they were visibly smaller than usual after using this. It does a great job of tightening my pores and toning down the redness. It is ever so gentle on the skin and doesn't make my skin feel too tight or dry after use. 

My personal favourite of the three is the Soothing Moisturiser(50ml). It feels like a light lotion, not too thick nor thin which makes it perfect to apply just before foundation. It sinks into the skin so quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Pure Active Sensitive range, I am so impressed. I wish I had took a few selfies to show how different my skin looks from the beginning of the challenge until now. I do believe that it has made a difference to my skin. At first it had brung the spots out that were under the skin but it seemed to be a good thing. They have all but one diminished. 

At the moment each product is on special offer in Superdrug for £4 each which is quite a bargain so if you're interested in trying them out then now is the best time. 

Have you tried the Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Range?
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