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Sunday, 9 July 2017

An Introduction to Harrison

If you don't keep up to date on my social media platforms then you may be wondering where the heck I've been for the last couple of weeks as I've been awol again here on the blog, but it's for a very good reason I promise. On Saturday 17th June our beautiful little bundle of joy Harrison made his swift entrance into the world at 12:10pm, weighing exactly 7lbs. I've been taking time out of my blog to settle myself into being a mum of not one, but two little boys. It is such a big change, not just for me and Josh but for Alfie too as he's not an only child anymore. I am so proud of how quickly he has took to his role as a big brother. I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried about how he'd react towards another child having our attention, but me and Josh were pleasantly surprised. He took to it like a duck to water. 

Alfie is so affectionate and so sweet towards Harrison. He's always asking us if he can hold him and he gives him lots of kisses and cuddles. He doesn't quite know how to pronounce Harrison's name just yet, it's too long a word for him, but for now he calls him baby, which is so cute.
We are all settling in well as a family of four. Harrison is now 3 weeks and one day old. It's been a complete whirlwind and a rather emotional rollercoaster since we arrived home from the hospital with our new addition. Yes, it's been super difficult at times having to deal with a stroppy little toddler(at times) along with a newborn but it's mostly been positive. Harrison has been developing well too, although there was a slight hiccup. A few days after we brought him home I noticed that he looked jaundiced. I had to take him back into hospital for blood tests(my poor baby!) to see how serious it was. Fortunately it was only a mild case so we were able to take him back home that same day. Since then the jaundice has completely vanished, which is such a relief. He also lost two ounces too since he left the hospital but he has since gone back up to his birth weight. He's a very happy and healthy little chap. 

I can't believe it's been three weeks already, it's gone by so quickly. It is so surreal that I have finally got my beautiful little boy in my arms. He has been such a joy. He makes us laugh and smile every single day. I have so much love for him. It's really true when they say you never really know what love is until you have children.

There is so much that I'm looking forward to, his first steps and first words. The first year is my favourite, it's the most wonderful of the younger years. With Alfie I missed out on a few of those precious moments. I never got to see him crawl for the very first time as I was working, I was absolutely devastated. That's what spurred me on to quit my job and become a full time mum. It was the best thing that I ever did. At least I know that I will be around to see all of Harrisons firsts.

As you can tell we are so so happy. My heart could really burst with pride, love and happiness. I am so proud to be a mum of two very special boys. If you had asked me a few years ago where I'd be in five years time, I wouldn't have thought I'd be living in my own house, engaged with two children. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mother, it's all I've ever wanted.

I want to thank everyone who congratulated us on the birth of Harrison, we really appreciate it. I am going to be so busy now, but I am hoping to start blogging a lot more. I know I've said that like a million times before but I'm determined to keep to a schedule so I only post on certain days every week. 

If you want to know how the birth went down then look out for my birth story over the next couple of weeks. 
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