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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Second Pregnancy Update | 20 Weeks and Gender Reveal

I am officially 21 weeks pregnant today, or yesterday as you're reading this. I am now a little halfway through the pregnancy and I just cannot believe how fast it has gone. Just the other day me and Josh attended our second scan at 20 weeks which of course can only mean one thing, the big gender reveal. I have been pretty excited about this ever since I found out I was pregnant. From day one I was looking up old wives tales and taking part in gender tests. You could say I was slightly obsessed. Don't get me wrong I have never been fussed about the gender of the baby but the lead up to that 20 week scan is super long and there's a lot of speculation within the family as to whether it's a girl or boy. 

The suspense leading up from the maternity reception to the sonographers room was ridiculous. I was super nervous and thinking many things. What if the baby's not developing properly? What if the baby's got his/her legs closed? Will I be left disappointed if they can't tell me the gender? Thankfully I got my mind put to rest seconds into the scan as all was revealed that the baby was developing well and we were told we were expecting another beautiful little boy. Yes, another boy and a little brother for Alfie. I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be a boy due to the lack of sickness I was having and the similarities between my pregnancy with Alfie and this little one. There really is such a thing as a mothers intinct isn't there

During the scan we was shown his little heart beating away and he seemed to be very active in the womb too, always changing directions and we even saw him swallow the amniotic fluid which is a sure sign he is doing well. If you can't tell by the scan photo that's what he was in fact doing. It's so adorable!
20 Weeks Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal
We are both so excited about adding another little boy to the family, we've even started talking about baby names already, although I have to admit we're not getting any closer to choosing one. I always find boys names more difficult to choose from compared to girls. I have been getting lots of suggestions from family members and friends and I've been rejecting every single one of them, I am so fussy. I guess I just want it to be right for little boo, especially as Alfie's name was chosen so quickly into the pregnancy.

Anyway putting the baby names and gender reveal aside let's talk about the changes. Urgh, deary me, it's sure been a whirlwind so far. I completely forgot just how much my body goes through when carrying a baby. There's ups and downs for sure, in my case it's been a mixture of both. My morning sickness, or evening sickness as I've had has completely died down, although I seem to be coming down with every illness under the sun. I had a stomach bug back in December, I've been getting colds left right and centre and now I've been struck down with the most horrifying hacking cough known to man. I may be overreacting but I've had this bloomin' cough twice now and they seem to be lasting forever(2-3 weeks to be precise). It sucks when you know there's not a lot of medication you can take. I guess I'm stuck with a prescription of good ol' paracetamol and plenty of fluids for now. 

As I mentioned in my last update I was also having fainting episodes due to low blood pressure but I have since had my blood pressure checked by the consultant and it seems to have returned back to normal again. It's such a relief as I've been suffering with these terrible head rushes that left me feeling disorientated for hours after. It's actually quite a frightening experience. I had to grab hold of Josh when I was sitting down as it felt like the whole world had moved beneath me. I never want to feel like that again.

I really don't feel like I have that pregnancy glow about me right now. I mean is that even a thing? I certainly didn't have that the first time round and I definitely don't now. My acne is flaring up all over the place and I've been trying out a variety of new skincare to combat that but to no avail. Urgh, basically I look like absolute rubbish. Thank god for makeup so I have the ability to make myself look half decent. 

On the plus side little boo has been getting bigger and stronger each day with his little kicks, twists and turns. Everyday I feel something entirely new, just yesterday I was watching a horror film and he jumped out of nowhere, just as it was leading up to the scary part. Maybe that was his way of warning me that watching a horror with a cup of tea in one hand and biscuits in the other wasn't the smartest of ideas I've made. Speaking of biscuits that leads me to talk about cravings. Thankfully I haven't had any weird cravings so far, and I hope I don't further along the line either. I've had a few things that I've been relatively obsessed with eating but it's perfectly normal, I promise. I haven't stopped eating hot cross buns, pancakes and crumpets. No idea why, although I loved them before pregnancy anyway. Perhaps I just want all the carbs. Another thing that I have been enjoying are milkshakes. Yet again another thing I loved before pregnancy but it seems to have increased a fair bit. Speaking about all of that right now is making me staaarving. 

Oh I just cannot wait until the day I meet little man. There is just 19 weeks to go. I say just, but the last 21 weeks has disappeared in a flash. I really hope this birth goes a lot smoother, not that anything seriously bad happened the first time. I was in labour for around two to three hours with Alfie before he arrived in the world so not long compared to others but I managed to tear(sorry tmi). I also managed to carry on through the pain without any painkillers too which I was so proud about. I'm kinda hoping I won't need anything this time either but I will definitely have gas and air on hand if I need it for sure. 

I am looking forward to seeing how things progress from here!
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