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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Current Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrows are probably the one thing that I am a complete perfectionist at. This never used to be the case though, while everyone was plucking their brows as thin as they could I was growing them out, don't ask me why, I really have no idea. Although bushy brows weren't quite 'on trend' back then I am so glad I left them alone. I never used to pluck them until the age of around 16. I was so friggin' scared of touching them in case they went awry. Thankfully I've never put a foot wrong with them(except a beauty therapist), but we will speak about that another time. As of right now I am happy enough plucking and shaping them myself. 

I would like to think I have my eyebrow routine down to a tee right now. I don't do a whole lot with them when I'm not wearing makeup except a little plucking here and there when they've overgrown but when I do put a little effort in I reach for the same tool and products to get them looking as defined and well groomed as I like them to be.
My tool of choice is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush(£15). On one side of the brush is an angled brush and on the other is a spoolie which is perfect for brushing through my brows, getting rid of any excess product, and therefore giving me a more natural but defined look. I like to use that particular brush in conjuction with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown(£15) first of all which is the absolute perfect match for my hair. It is of a gel-mousse consistency and glides onto the brows with ease too, adhering to each hair and it doesn't budge until I remove it with my micellar water. It is so long lasting and a little really does go a long way, whether you want a more natural or bold look.

After carving out my brows with the Dipbrow I like to go over any sparse areas and further define the tail of my brows with an eyebrow pencil. My favourite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown(£15.50). If you couldn't tell by now I am very much in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products, the quality of them is impeccable and they last for so long. As well as using the Brow Wiz alongside my Dipbrow I also find that it works just as good on its own too for a subtle, toned down look and it only takes a matter of minutes to achieve it

The third and final step within my eyebrow routine is a new addition to my brow routine, Benefit Gimme Brow(£20). It is a volumising tinted brow gel which not only adds some colour and fullness to the brows but it also contains very tiny microfibres which clings onto existent hairs and keeps them in place throughout the day. It also helps that it has a tiny brush which makes it easier to brush the hairs into the right place and shape. There is a small variety of shades to choose from but I like to use 5 Deep for this, although I would most likely suit 3 Medium. Like the Brow Wiz it can easily be used on its own which I like to do on the very few occasions I want to wear very minimal makeup.

 What is your Current Eyebrow Routine? What are your favourite Eyebrow products?
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