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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My Second Pregnancy Update | 18 Weeks

My Second Pregnancy Update
A few weeks ago I subtly revealed here on the blog, Twitter and Instagram that I am happily pregnant with my second child. I didn't want to do a huge reveal as I did for my first pregnancy with Alfie. It is different this time around. I shared my first pregnancy with my older sister who was due a month or so before me. Don't get me wrong it was absolutely lovely to share my pregnancy with my sister but I quite like going on this journey on my own(with Josh and Alfie obviously!).

I have explained to Alfie that there is a baby inside mummys tummy and of course as a 2 year old he doesn't quite understand yet. He does acknowledge there is a baby in there as he has a tendency to kiss my belly and say baby. It is so adorable, it's like he's trying to bond with the baby already. He will make such a wonderful big brother.

 Ever since I found out about this pregnancy I haven't felt entirely myself which is to be expected, I've been ill with the stomach bug, I've had the common cold several times and morning sickness that I hoped would never resurface. I literally feel drained of my energy. I'm pretty much feeling sorry for myself to say the least, although the morning sickness seems to have subsided, for now.

Anyway putting that aside I'm 18 weeks and 1 day today, in my second trimester and nearly halfway through my pregnancy journey. Despite the fact I've had my down days I feel like from today onwards it can only get better. As of a few days ago I felt the baby move for the first time. It was a beautiful fluttery feeling, almost like butterflies in my tummy. I have missed that feeling ever since Alfie was born two years ago. I can't wait until the movements become stronger, although I'm not too excited when he/she gets bigger and decides that my ribs are a comfy place to stay.

I also seem to have developed a cute, delicate bump already. Some say that you show early after your first baby. I guess that may possibly be true in my situation. I had my first scan and consultant appointment a few weeks ago which seemed to go well, although the sonographer insisted I walk up and down three stairwells to get the baby moving around more so they could take a good measurement of their head. I did get some strange looks, haha. 

I also recently visited my midwife for the second time. We heard the babys heart beating away for the first time which was like music to my ears. It's so reassuring to hear that the baby is healthy and well. I also discussed my concerns with my fainting episodes which seems to be down to low blood pressure. I can't seem to stand up in one place for too long as I start feeling quite dizzy and feel the need to sit down. It's nothing to seriously worry about as it was the same during my first pregnancy and I was told that my blood pressure should increase as I get further along. Fingers crossed that that's the case. 

I am so excited to reach my 20 week milestone soon, purely because I am going to be halfway there and it's the big gender reveal! I am super excited and I have been pretty much talking about it with anyone that is happy to. I really hope little boo doesn't keep his/her legs closed. 

I originally asked Josh if he would surprise me with the gender on my birthday at the end of February but then we decided against it as he seriously couldn't keep a secret for 10 minutes, let alone 3 weeks(we find out on the 9th February). I will certainly be heading for the shops if we find out, although the good thing is that I kept all of Alfies clothes from newborn upwards so I will have plenty if this baby is a boy. I like to think ahead! Why get rid of clothes if you want another in the future? 

I shall continue to keep you updated along the way, only 22 weeks to go! It feels so near yet so far.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Organic and Botanic Skincare | My First Impressions

This is completely bizarre, my very first blog post of 2017. How fast did that last year go? I've been uhhming and ahhing as to when the Christmas break should end and make my way back to this fabulous part of the internet. It seems today was that day. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an incredible start to the New Year. I hope this year is going to be a great one! Surely it cannot be as bad as 2016 right? That's the year we just won't speak about, although two good things came out of it, my engagement and finding out I'm pregnant with my second baby. Oh this year sounds like it's going to be pretty good to me.

Anyway, before I babble on any longer I wanted to let you in on a fantastic brand I discovered late into last year, Organic and Botanic. My skin has had its good and bad days, mainly bad days since I found out I was pregnant. One minute I will literally be a hot mess with a dull complexion alongside breakouts and the next it will be a completely different story. With the help of two products from Organic and Botanic I have managed to improve my skins texture and appearance. 

Organic and Botanic is as you imagine a completely organic brand which is completely cruelty free and vegan friendly too. The products in question are the Mandarin Orange Enhancing Night Moisturiser and Madagascan Coconut Energising Facial Serum.
Organic and Botanic Skincare
The Mandarin Orange Enhancing Night Moisturiser is an absolute dream. It comes packaged within a small 50ml glass jar which lasts a long time. It smells so bloomin' good too! I wouldn't normally use a night moisturiser, my basic skincare routine would be to cleanse, tone and apply a spot treatment(kind of a moisturiser and spot treatment in one). Since adding the Night Moisturiser into my routine I have found my skin to be in better condition. The lightweight and gel-like formula sinks into the skin super quickly and come morning it feels so smooth and soft and I look completely revitalized with a certain glow to my skin. It is truly a brilliant moisturiser if that is what you're looking for, however it is certainly not in the most affordable of price ranges at £67. I guess that's what you have to shell out for the most natural of ingredients.

 I'd like to think I would purchase it once it's been used up but personally the price is too steep for me. I have to admit there are some moisturisers on the market at the moment which do the exact same job at a much better price. For example; the Bodyshop Vitamin C Moisturiser and Origins GinZing.
Organic and Botanic Mandarin Orange Enhancing Night Moisturiser
Now onto the Madagascan Coconut Energising Facial Serum. As I've mentioned before I haven't tried many serums, just because I felt like they would make my skin break out but of course that hasn't been the case which I am pleasantly surprised and happy about. Admittedly I am not usually a fan of coconut scented skincare but the serum isn't very heavily scented, it's natural and subtle which is why I seem to be loving it so much. The serum comes within a 30ml glass bottle with a drop applicator. I find this so handy as it is easy to control the amount of product you apply to your face.

I apply 2 droplets of the Facial Serum after cleansing and toning and before the Night Moisturiser. It doesn't feel greasy in the slightest and my skin drinks it up so easily and quickly but once it has sunk in it feels slightly tacky. I actually find that to be a good thing as you can easily apply it before makeup with no worries about it disrupting your base. It has completely changed my skin in terms of it reducing redness, pigmentation and evening out my skin tone and texture. It is sure going to be a staple in my skincare routine during the next few months of my pregnancy. Unfortunately though, like the Mandarin Orange Night Moisturiser it is pricey at £67.
Organic and Botanic Madagascan Coconut Energising Facial Serum
If you are perhaps thinking of picking maybe one or both of the products up then you'll be pleased to hear that they are currently selling at a reduced rate on Amazon. The Facial Serum is just £9.75 here and the Night Moisturiser is £13.54 here. Now that is what I call a bloomin' good bargain! 

Have you tried Organic and Botanic Skincare? Will you be trying out any of the products?

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