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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Denman 100% Boar Bristle Grooming Brush

So, you'll probably find that I tend to waffle on a lot about makeup and skincare here on the blog lately and very rarely talk about haircare. I guess that it's not at the top of my list right now, although I do like to take good care of my hair. I've mentioned numerous times that my hair isn't of the best condition, although it has improved a lot since I stopped bleaching and dying it every couple of months. I have quite thin, medium length hair and so it gets very knotty easily which can be a bloomin' nightmare to brush through at times, especially after washing it. I have a number of hairbrushes that I rely on to help me with that, particularly The Wet Brush and Tangle Teezer. I've stuck by these for quite a while now so when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Denman Boar Bristle Grooming Brush I instantly jumped at the chance.
Denman Boar Bristle Grooming Brush
Denman Boar Bristle Grooming Brush
Admittedly Denman is a brand that I have known of for a few years but always passed through the aisles of Boots and local supermarket stores. They have a wide range of hairbrushes for different hair types and purposes which is fabulous. The hair brush that I've been using for the past few weeks is as mentioned, the Boar Bristle Grooming Brush. It is made with 100% natural boar bristle which is said to be perfect for smoothing, polishing and adding shine and condition to the hair. That sounds impressive, does it not. It comes in three different sizes too, small, medium and large. I have the Medium brush which is perfect in terms of it being easier to grip and control as it's lightweight. It also has an air-cushioned rubber pad to make it feel much more gentle and kind on the hair and scalp too. Although I like to use plastic hairbrushes I do find that they are incredibly harsh to use at times so it's great that this brush gives you some comfort.

I have been using the grooming brush when my hair is wet and dry to see which way it works best and I have to say I prefer to use it when it's dry. I find it to be a bit of a fuss to use after I've washed my hair as it doesn't seem to untangle any knots or glide through my hair as easily as when it's in its normal condition. But putting that aside it does make my hair feel seriously silky and soft when I use it on dry hair and it looks particularly healthy too with the added shine that the bristles reflect onto my hair. I love it. It's just a shame it doesn't work for me in both ways. 

As I mentioned before you can purchase the Deman 100% Boar Bristle Grooming Brush in three different sizes with various prices. The Medium brush that I have is £15.70 which may come across as a little costly for a hairbrush but for one that is made entirely of natural bristles I find it to be a reasonable price. You can purchase it here.

Have you tried the Denman 100% Boar Bristle Grooming Brush? 

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