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Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Makeup Looks with Maybelline

After a long awaited Halloween, the day has finally arrived. There is something about Halloween that puts a smile on childrens faces, and even the adults. Maybe it's the sweets or the copious amounts of alcohol, or perhaps it's because it's the day to be creative. I have always loved Halloween ever since I was a child, not just because I could eat my weight in sweets but I love the whole dressing up side of it too. I'm not gonna lie, I pretty much went out trick or treating as a witch every year with a bin bag, a broomstick and a witches hat. You're probably thinking what, a bin bag? Yes, trust me it came in handy when it started pouring down with rain. 

If you're struggling with ideas on Halloween looks this year then don't worry, I've got your back. I have exactly THREE looks to share with you, but there is a certain twist. They just include Maybelline makeup, so it will most definitely not break the bank, plus it's widely available to purchase from the drugstore too. The three looks are the Glam Vamp, Femme Fatale and Dark Temptress which are all perfect for a spooky halloween night out on the town, trick or treating with your child(ren) or a halloween party.
Halloween Makeup Looks with Maybelline
I want to start off by sharing my personal favourite, the Dark Temptress which involves a super dark, sultry lip with dark defined eyes and big lashes. 

Step One
Using the Rock Nudes Palette(£9.99) apply the beautiful matte purple shade to the outer corner of your lid and across the lower lash line to smoke it out, then pick up the pink and silver shimmer shades and apply them to the inner corner. After you've applied these shades pick up a blending brush to blend all of the shades together so there are no harsh lines.

Step Two 
Create a smokey liner effect using the *Lasting Drama Gel Liner(£7.99). Use the brush included to smooth the liner along the upper lid in an even line.

Step Three
For big voluminious lashes apply the Colossal 100% Black Mascara(£6.99) and apply as many coats as you wish to get your desired look.

Step Four
 To achieve a gorgeous sultry come vampy lip use the Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Midnight Merlot(£6.99). It's so creamy on the lips whilst adding a bold pop of colour too.

Now, moving onto the second look, Femme Fatale. It's somewhat of a natural look with a nude lip, spider lashes and a natural eye. 

Step One 
Apply the lightest pink shades from the Rock Nudes Palette to keep the eyes subtle and natural.

Step Two
To add some definition to the eyes use the ultra fine tip of the Master Precise Liner(£5.99) to apply a thin line on the upper lid, starting from the inner corner and outwards. 

Step Three
This is where you start drawing more attention to the eyes, it's time for mascara. To elongate the lashes and add a humongous amount of volume use the new *Colossal Spider Effect Mascara(£5.99 at the moment)

Step Four
Now onto the nude lip, the Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in *Nude Thrill(£6.99) is absolutely perfect. Adding a nude lip to the overall makeup look keeps everything toned down and it doesn't take any attention away from the eyes. It's a beautiful shade with a soft, satin texture.

Halloween Makeup Looks with Maybelline
Lastly is the Glam Vamp, which I'm pretty sure most of you will love. A smokey eye paired with a striking, bold lip. I love it. 

Step One
Let's go back to the Rock Nudes Palette again shall we? To create a super easy, smokey eye apply the black shimmer and purple matte shades from the palette to the outer corner of the lids, then apply that silver shade to the inner corner of the eyes to make your eyes pop and look more open. Then of course it's time to blend, blend, blend!

Step Two
With every smokey eye you need a black liner surely? Of course you do! Use the thick side of the *Master Precise Curvy(£6.99) and draw full, thick lines along the upper and lower lash line. 

Step Three 
Now go all out with the Colossal 100% Black Mascara and apply as many coats of it as you wish to give the effect of beautiful, luscious lashes.

Step Four
Onto the lips, well what would a smokey eye look be without a sexy red lip eh? The *Color Drama Lip Paint in Red-dy or Not(£4.99) is perfect. It makes the lips look so plump and beautiful and the formula feels so nice and comfortable.

I really hope I helped you out here! All three of the looks are absolutely stunning and can be created without spending too much money either. 

Will you be opting for any of these looks this Halloween? I would love to know!

*Post Contains PR Samples- Please read my full disclaimer here

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Five Autumn Body Essentials

It's around this time of the year that the weather starts to get that little bit colder and we start to reach for the hot chocolate, blankets and cosy knitwear. Very stereotypical but it's exactly what I do anyway. With the weather being that slightly bit more colder than usual it tends to wreak havoc on my skin which is hugely annoying. Could I have wonderful skin all year round please? Oh how I wish. This Autumn I have been reaching for five particular products that I know will always keep my skin in the best condition and I thought I should share them with you.

  Everything included within this post is very inexpensive so they will most definitely not break the bank. It just goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot of money to keep your skin wonderfully soft this Autumn. So without further ado let's get to it shall we?
Autumn Body Essentials
  Let's start with the lips. Literally as soon as Autumn arrived my lips started to get ridiculously dry and chapped which is not a very attractive look and definitely not the most perfect base to apply lipstick. To help keep them soft and supple throughout the season I have been using two products, a lip scrub and lip balm

The Lip Scrub I have been using is the Lush Lip Scrub in 'The Kiss' which was part of the Lush Valentines range this year but there are other flavours/scents to choose from too. It is so cute with little candy love hearts within the scrub itself and it almost looks good enough to eat. The purpose of the lip scrub is to exfoliate the dry skin off your lips to leave your lips feeling soft and smooth. Alongside that I have been using the Balance Me Lip Quench Balm8) which I acquired through a magazine, don't cha just love the little freebies that comes with magazines? They are always fab value for money. The Lip Quench Balm is an intensely hydrating lip balm which includes soothing ingredients such as Spearmint, Mango and Shea butters which aim to smooth and drench your lips in moisture in order to fight and protect against the harsh effects of the cold weather. It smells minty fresh and works an absolute treat. 

Now let's talk skin, or shall I say body. There are two particular parts of my body that start to become uncomfortably dry during Autumn, the hands and feet. Feet are not a pretty sight when they're not being looked after properly, which is why I like to make sure they look as good as can be. To keep the dry skin at bay I look to my Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream(£5.50) for help. After a bath or shower I like to smother a layer of it all over my feet, pop some cotton socks over the top and leave it to soak in overnight. Come morning I take my socks off and my feet feel so moisturised and amazingly soft. It works wonders for my parched feet.

 Now onto the hands, you may have heard of my love for Soap and Glorys Hand Food. It was so good to me for years but I have a new favourite in the form of the Hand Dream Super Intensive Hand Cream which is also from Soap and Glory. I've had it for quite a while now(since late 2014) and it is still going strong. Unfortunately it has now been discontinued(sorry!) which I am so gutted about. It is effectively a 5 in 1 treatment for the hands which aims to nourish, rejuvenate, hydrate, protect and fight the signs of ageing. It is so intense as well as it is such a rich formula, but I love that. It isn't greasy in the slightest which makes it the perfect hand cream to use daily. I really hope Soap  andGlory decide bring it back. It's a must have in the Autumn, and even Winter time.

In order to restore moisture back into my body I always reach for a body butter, particularly from The Body Shop. They always do a fantastic job of keeping my skin in tip top condition throughout the year. The one I've come to use the most lately is the Glazed Apple Body Butter which was part of their Christmas range last year. I have no idea if there is any difference between the Glazed Apple range from last year and the new Spiced Apple range that's launched for Christmas this year. However, it smells so damn good. I've resorted to only using it during the A/W as it is a very sweet scent. It makes my skin feel so bloomin' soft and silky. I love it.

I wanted to end this post and say a liiittle apology as most of the products mentioned are no longer available to buy online but you could perhaps find them on amazon on ebay if you're lucky. 

What are your body essentials this Autumn? 
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette Review and Swatches

A few months ago Maybelline launched their new eyeshadow palette The Rock Nudes which is new to their larger palette series. First there was The Nudes Palette, then The Blushed Nudes and now The Rock Nudes. I have previously tried the Blush Nudes palette and absolutely loved it so I was so excited to give this new palette a whirl. You can find a review and swatches on The Blushed Nudes Palette here if you'd like to know my thoughts on that.
Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette
Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette
The Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette is made from plastic which isn't exactly travel friendly. The very first time I received it the eyeshadow pans were completely shattered but thankfully on the second delivery it was all intact as you can see. Inside there is a dual ended brush with a foam applicator on one end and a fluffy brush on the other. I wouldn't dare use a foam applicator as I find it a little gimicky and the fluffy brush is just not dense enough to pack the eyeshadow on and blend out. It's pretty useless to me.

It contains a selection of 12 wearable nudes and some dark shades which are appropriate to use for an intense smokey eye look. It is not a matte nor a shimmer palette but a mixed bag which is good to see. The shades are not named which is slightly annoying but for a drugstore brand it can't always be expected. On the back of the palette there are instructions on how and where to apply each shade which is very helpful, especially if you're new to eye makeup. They can be separated into quads, duos and even trios to create different eye looks.
Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette Swatches
Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette Swatches
The formula of each eyeshadow varies, some are chalky and some are soft to the touch and easy to blend. Once applied to the lid the shimmers do appear quite glittery so they do need a little help to show up but that's nothing a quick spritz of MAC Fix+ can't sort. Using Fix+ adds a certain dimension to the eyes and make the colours appear bolder and better. My favourites are the lavender shimmer(third on top row), gold shimmer(fourth on bottom row) and medium matte purple(fourth on top row). I like to use the matte purple in the crease and lavender shimmer all over the lid for a subtle purple eye look. It really makes my green eyes pop. 

Overall I adore the Rock Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. Yes, some of the shades are a disappointment but if you're a beginner in eye makeup and wanting to experiment then this would be absolutely perfect for you. 

The Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette is £9.99 and you can purchase it here from Boots.

Have you tried the Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette? Will you be purchasing?

*Post Contains PR Samples- Please read my full disclaimer here

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

When I started this blog beauty calendars were only just starting to become a thing. Fast forward three years later and pretty much every beauty brand you can think of are bringing out their own version and putting their own twist on it. There are so many exciting Beauty Advent Calendars out this year, it will be so difficult to choose just one, so to make it a lot easier for you I put together a roundup of those that I know of. There is a huge selection of Luxury and Inexpensive calendars to cater for all budgets. 

If I were you I'd grab yourself a cuppa tea and perhaps some biscuits because this is going to be a long one!
Look Fantastic | £70 
This Look Fantasic advent calendar is one of my favourites at £70 with over £300 worth of beauty products. You will receive both deluxe sample sizes and full sized products. It is available to pre-order NOW but it won't be on sale until the 1st of November. I'm pretty sure it will sell out as soon as it hits the website though.

Benefit Girl O'clock Rock | £34.50
The Benefit Girl O'Clock Rock Advent Calendar is an exclusive to Debenhams and inside you get 12 miniature sized bestsellers from Benefit behind each door. A few of the bestsellers hidden behind are the Porefessional, They're Real Mascara and It's Potent Eye Cream. 

Boots No.7 Beauty Advent Calendar | £39
The Boots No.7 Calendar is always a hit. This year it is £39 which isn't too bad at all. The contents within are worth £151.95. It isn't available as of yet but if you want to be notified when it's available to purchase join the waitlist.

Technic 12 Days of Christmas | £8 (was £16)
At the moment the Technic 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar is half price at £8 at Superdrug so it's perfect if you don't want to spend too much. Within you'll find a mascara primer, lipgloss, blush and more!

Mad Beauty 12 Days of Christmas | £10.99
This advent calendar is an ASOS exclusive retailing at £10.99, it includes 2 bath salts, a cherry lip balm, body lotion and more. 

Ghost 12 Days of Advent | £25
The Ghost 12 Days of Advent Calendar is a Superdrug Exclusive so you won't find it elsewhere. Inside you'll find 12 popular fragrances from Ghost. If you want to try some new scents from Ghost then this would be fab for you(or even sibling, partner etc).

Beauty Junkie 7 Day Surprise | £8 (was £10)
There is a bit of variety within the Beauty Junkie 7 Day Surprise Calendar. It includes nail polish, a lip gloss and even a hair chalk.

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar | £30 (was £40)
It is currently just £30 down from £40. I'm not sure when the offer ends but if you don't get in there quickly it may be out of stock. I don't want to spoil it for you too much but there is an eyeshadow palette behind one of the door and they're of fantastic quality.

Tanya Burr Advent Calendar | £15 (was £25)
There's £10 off the Tanya Burr Advent Calendar in Superdrug at the moment and from what I've seen it appears to be quite popular. There are 12 windows and you'll find many products from Tanyas beauty range such as a glitter liner, nail polish, lip gloss and more.

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar | £24.99
This is full to the brim with beautiful festive scents and one votive sampler. I love the idea of changing the scent of my home everyday. 

L'occitane Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar | £42
There are 24 doors which means you get a wonderful 24 surprises such as the relaxing shower gel, shea butter hand cream, ultra rich face cream and a lot more! It's a surprise to me that it's only £42. I find it to be quite a bargain for L'occitane.

Marks and Spencer Ultimate Beauty Advent
You can purchase this for £25 if you spend at least £25. The contents are worth over £250. There are a total of 24 doors and behind each you'll find a product from some pretty incredible brands such as Pixi, Stila and Philip Kingsley. 

Ciate Mini Mani Month | £50
This Ciate offering is certainly pricey at £50 but you'll receive a vast amount of nail polishes, nail toppers and even a nail file to keep your nails in tip top condition.

ASOS Beauty Calendar | £50
I absolutely love the look of the ASOS Beauty Calendar with the marble design. It is jam packed with brands that are currently stocked at ASOS alongside a few little extras from the wonderful beauty gurus all worth a smashing £175. 

Bomb Cosmetics | £19.99
There are 2 beauty advent calendars from Bomb Cosmetics, Countdown to Christmas and The Bomb Advent Calendars. They are both £19.99 with 24 days of soaps and fizzy bath bombs/blasters. 

Sanctuary Spa Let Go Days of Christmas | £25
 This is a big'un with 24 doors. Inside a few doors you'll find a Radiance Exfoliator, 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask(my fave!), Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water and more. It's a fun filled bath and body calendar with some wonderdful treats thrown in.

Feel Unique Magic of Beauty | £30
Feel Unique always do fab beauty calendars at a reasonable budget. Well, for me I think £30 is quite good for what you receive. A few spoilers for you, there will be a Nuxe Lip Balm, Laura Geller Highlighter and Rimmel the One Lipstick. It will be launching on the 31st October. You can sign up to the waitlist.

Wilko Kiss Cosmetic Calendar | £5
This is the most inexpensive of those featured with 24 doors and inside there is a mixture of beauty tools and makeup.

House of Fraser | £25
This is of course exclusive to House of Fraser with 24 doors. There are a tonne of beauty products from House of Frasers own makeup brand such as their Eyeshadow Dusts and Colour Couture Lipsticks. 

Charlotte Tilbury World of Legendary Parties | £150
Yep this is certainly pricey but it's to be expected from the likes of CT. It looks super cute with 12 cabinets full of travel sized products such as the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Penelope Pink and Goddess Skin Clay Mask.

Jo Malone | £260
 The Jo Malone Advent Calendar was always going to be quite expensive but for what you receive inside it is on point. It is certainly going to make you swoon featuring many different colognes, body cremes and a lot more. 

Bare Minerals Countdown to Gorgeous | £75
The Bare Minerals Countdown to Gorgeous Calendar is £75 including products such as the Tinted Mineral Veil Finishing Powder and Glee Radiance in Sheer Joy. 

Decleor Advent Calendar | £60
The Decleor Calendar includes 25 products in travel sizes and full sizes with the contents being worth over £80.

Kiehls | £95
The Kiehls Calendar is an Exclusive to Selfridges containing 24 award winning travel sized products. Such products are the Midnight Recovery and Ultra Facial Cream. It's fab if you want to delve more into the brand. It's vertainyly on my wishlist!

Liberty | £149
The contents within are worth over £400 including very popular beauty products such as a full size Diptyque Candle, Aurelia Cream Cleanser and more. It will be launching at the end of the month so keep your eyes peeled on the site if you're interested in it.

NYX | £60
This is one beauty calendar that I am SO excited about, featuring 12 Soft Matte Lip Creams and 12 Mini Eyeshadows. It is quite a bargain and it launches on the 1st November.

Clarins Christmas Advent Calendar | £95
The Clarins Christmas Calendar is a must have for any lovers of the brand. It features some favourites such as the Detox Booster and Beauty Flash Balm.

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days | £60
There are three different calendars from The Body Shop this year. This is the least expensive retailing at £60, but the contents are worth £106. It includes the LE Spiced Apple Shower Gel(which smells amazing fyi) and Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream. 

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Deluxe | £80
The contents are worth £127.50 with a variety of skincare and body products such as the Vanilla Chai Body Butter and Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Ultimate | £99
This is the most luxurious of the Body Shop Calendars with all of the products totalling up to a huge £187. Examples of what's inside are the Fuji Green Tea Body Wash and Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream.

Diptyque | £250
Diptyque are praised for their candles but inside this calendar there is more than just that, it contains skincare and body products too so you get the gist of what the brand has to offer.

Lush 12 Days of Christmas | £52.95
This is another that I have on my wishlist with an exciting selection of bath bombs, bath melts and more to make you feel relaxed and pampered around the festive season. My favourites are the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. 

Vintage Company | £125
The Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar from Vintage Company presents 24 doors with a tool or accessory behind each door. There is even a hint of rose gold too which I love.  

Molton Brown Scented Luxuries Advent Calendar | £150
This calendar has limited availability but it is body and hair galore with a selection of 9 bath and shower gels, 3 body polishers, a hair mask and plenty more. The advent calendar is £150 with the products inside being worth £192. 

You Beauty Advent Calendar | £69.95
You Beauty Calendar is worth a whopping £270 and has a total of 24 doors with products from The White Company, Morrocanoil and Bee Good. It's not available at the moment but I shall update you on that soon.

 Your Beauty Fairytale Come True | £85 
This is a Boots Exclusive with bestselling brands such as Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor and Rolf and Ralph Lauren. 

Paul & Joe Makeup Collection Advent Calendar | £56
 Rather than the normal 24 doors there are 12 in this one with a makeup primer, lipstick and much more behind each one.

24 Days of Clinique | £65
This is predominantly skincare related with many favourites including the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, Clarifying Lotion and Liquid Facial Soap.  

Will you be purchasing a Beauty Advent Calendar this year? If so which one? 

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