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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | Review and Swatches

As of late I have become really into eye makeup to the point where it no longer feels right when I have zero eyeshadow on my eyelids. It's surreal for me having only worn liquid liner on my eyes for the past god knows how many years. I now have quite the collection of eyeshadow palettes and there is one in particular that has completely won me over, the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette.

It was quite a random purchase considering I had never read a review of it beforehand, although I had heard of it in the beauty community. I normally read reviews on products I am unsure about but considering I hadn't it made it more exciting for me to receive. Does that sound crazy?
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
With that aside, let's get down to the nitty gritty. First off, the packaging, the cute chocolate and gold theme is extremely cute but the palette is made from cardboard which may be seen as a little cheap but as far as I can tell it's not too bad, although it is a little on the slim side. It does help that the palette itself has an insert in which it can be kept nice and secure.

The Cocoa Blend Palette consists of a total of 10 shades, most of which are warm toned(my faves!) with a mixture of matte, metallic and shimmer shades.
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Swatches
Top Row L-R; 
Bitter Start: Creamy Beige semi-matte 
Sweeter End: Peachy Pink with subtle gold shimmer 
Warm Notes: Warm toned Cranberry with gold shimmer and a metallic finish
Subtle Blend: Golden Bronze with warm undertones and subtle shimmer
Beans are White: Matte brown with neutral undertones

Bottom Row L-R;
Pure Ganache: Warm golden copper with a metallic finish
Substitute for Love: Medium orange-brown matte 
Freshly Toasted: Matte medium brown with orange-reddish undertones
Infusion: Charcoal black with golden shimmer 
Delicate Acidity: Medium purple-taupe with shimmer

Most shades are extremely luxurious and creamy, easy to blend and pigmented, except from the shade Bitter Start which isn't as pigmented as the others and a little crumbly in texture. The shades that I enjoy using the most are Warm Notes, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted and Pure Ganache. The swatches don't really do it any justice at all, but trust me when I say the quality is incredible. My most worn eye look using this palette is Freshly Toasted as the first crease colour, then Substitute for love to define the crease more with either Pure Ganache or Warm Notes all over the lid. It looks absolutely beautiful and I have been given a fair few lovely comments from some customers at my work so it must be good, haha.

Overall, it is a stunning palette and surprisingly affordable too, costing £18 from Beauty Bay here. It's sort of in-between a drugstore and a high end palette, if that makes sense. It's not too expensive, yet not too cheap either.

Have you tried the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette? Which other Zoeva Palettes should I buy next?
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Friday, 20 May 2016

Wunderbrow 1-Step Brow Gel | Review

I look completely different without any sort of brow product on, it's surreal, especially as my natural brows are so light. Brows are one of the things that make me feel more complete and I guess, a little bit more confident. Without anything I feel completely bare, it's a weird feeling. At the moment I'm using my favourite Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade but I can't help but feel that I want a more permanent solution, but not to the extent of getting them tattooed.

I've had eyebrow tints and although I like how they look it doesn't give me the full effect that I'm looking for. I love the look of bold, really perfected brows so when I was contacted about trying the Wunderbrow 1-Step Brow Gel I was excited to give it a go.
Wunderbrow 1 Step Brow Gel
It is essentially a semi permanent brow gel with permafix technology and hair fibers that promises to make your eyebrows look more defined with more shape and last longer until you decide to remove it. 

The Wunderbrow 1-Step Brow Gel comes in a total of four different shades, Black/Brown, Brunette, Auburn and Blonde. I have the shade Brunette. Within this kit you will find a Spoolie brush and the Brow Gel itself. The Brow Gel comes in a rather average sized plastic tube with a wand within it that almost resembles a lipgloss applicator. The instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow. Before applying Wunderbrow you must ensure the area is dry and don't apply moisturiser beforehand. It's also recommended that you use an oil-free cleanser prior to application too.

Then using the brow gel I filled in any sparse areas of the brows but applying in the direction of hair growth to ensure it looks as natural as possible. It's also best to go in with a light hand and use short strokes at a time and brush the brows through with a spoolie so you get the right shape without it looking dodgy. I did that the first time I used it and it looked completely horrendous, seriously.
Wunderbrow 1 Step Brow Gel
With that aside I can't say I'm happy with the shade Brunette. Although I'm brunette myself it is just way too warm toned for me, which is surprising, it almost leans towards the orangey side. I would have expected more of a cooler tone to it. I also found the brow gel applicator a bit difficult to apply product with, it doesn't allow me to get the exact shape that I want for my brows, it's better applied with a eyebrow brush. However, the lasting power is incredible. It really does last, even through having a shower, sweaty summer days. It's not too difficult to remove once you want it off either. Micellar water does the most wonderful job of removing it all without any intense scrubbing at the skin to remove it.

Overall, it's a wonderful brow product if you are looking for a brow product that allows your brows to last longer. It's just a shame I didn't get on as well with it. I'm so gutted about it as I really wanted to love it. You can purchase it here from Boots for £19.95.

Have you tried the Wunderbrow 1-Step Brow Gel?
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening 2 Kit | Review

I have always been really wary of my teeth and how they look. I grew up being bullied for having an overbite, having nasty comments hurled at me left, right and centre, one of which was 'bugs bunny'. It was hurtful of course. I had braces which I had to wear for over two years, then retainers and then I eventually had jaw surgery, resulting in perfectly positioned teeth, but with that sorted I then started looking at the colour of my teeth.

Nowadays there are so many celebrity influencers which are opting for veneers and professional teeth whitening in order to get the perfect pearly whites, but there is an alternative to those expensive treatments. You can now do it yourself at home with teeth whitening kits becoming more widely available and popular within the drugstore and supermarkets. 

I have been testing out the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit for the best part of a month. The kit consists of 10 mouth trays that are all pre-filled with active whitening gel. The mouth trays fit and feel exactly like a retainer, it's comfortable and is flexible too so it fits everyone.
iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening 2
iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening 2
Before use I have to gently brush my teeth and place the mouth tray on top of the tooth surface. I prefer to whiten the upper and lower teeth at the same time. I leave both of the mouth trays in place for up to 20 minutes and boy is it more difficult than it sounds. Prepare for some serious drooling. Disgusting I know, it was unexpected but you have to make sure you keep your mouth closed the whole entire time.

After the 20 minutes was up I seen a noticeable difference in the colour of my teeth. Admittedly it doesn't make your teeth 8x whiter as it claims but after using the whitening kit up to 5 times, at least once a week you can start seeing better results. For even bigger, instant results you can even use it everyday. I prefer to use them every once in a while when necessary rather than using them too often as they last longer that way. Thankfully my teeth never felt sensitive after use either which I'm very happy about, if anything they felt much more stronger.

You can purchase the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit from Boots for £34.99 here. Such a bargain. I'm considering buying another since I've run out.

Have you tried the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening 2 Kit? What other teeth whitening products have you tried? I'd love to know

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

An Unlikely Primer | Nivea Post Shave Balm

Not so long ago I was taken aback by NikkiTutorials suggestion to use the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer. I thought seriously, does this work? Yes, it's a mens product but is this for reals? It certainly was, and soon enough I gave into the hype after reading multiple glowing reviews about it, as well as being persuaded by Nikki herself after watching multiple youtube videos featuring the Nivea Post Shave Balm.

Admittedly I haven't always been a massive fan of primer. I'm not sure why, possibly because I didn't believe a primer would prolong my makeup any more than a certain face powder did. However I've never been so wrong. I now have a small but growing collection of primers, all of which I love, but the 'primer' I seem to enjoy more than others is none other than the Nivea Post Shave Balm.
Nivea Post Shave Balm
I get that it's not a primer, but a post shaving balm for men. It has a very strong masculine, aftershave scent of course, but thankfully once you apply it to your face you can no longer smell it which is of course a huge relief. It would've been a huge put off for me if that wasn't the case. What girl wants to smell like a man? Not me. 

I only need a small 5p sized amount to apply all over the face. You really don't need that much as it feels more like a lotion than a balm. I tend to get a lot of redness around my cheeks and nose and I find that after using this, it seems to calm it all down and evens out my skintone. What I especially love about it though is how it works under foundation. My foundation always glides onto my face so smoothly and evenly after using it, giving me the most flawless base. 

NikkiTutorials mentioned in her video that the Glycerine is what makes the Nivea Post Shave Balm work so well as a primer. It acts like a glue for your foundation, making it last a helluva lot longer than when you are without a primer at all. 

What makes this unlikely primer even better is how affordable it is. It's seriously a bargain at just £5.29(currently on offer here for £2.63 in Superdrug at the moment). I'd seriously suggest you give it a go. 

Have you used the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer?

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Nanokeratin System | Review

So, I'm baaaaack. Yes, I previously remember I talked about becoming more regular on the blogging front but of course that didn't happen. If anything I did the exact opposite, not intentionally. If I'm honest I've been lacking motivation, what with juggling an extremely active 16 month old (gheeze hasn't that gone fast eh?), work, and spending quality time with the family. My blog was the last thing from my mind. However I'm really hoping to change that. A month or so away from this little blog made me realise just how much I missed spending my down time chilling in front of the telly, cup of tea in hand, talking about what I love. 

Speaking of which, I have been trialling some new haircare as of late and I am so surprised as to how much me and my hair appreciated it. I am talking about the Nanokeratin System, a Global Professional Hair Care expert brand dedicated to providing people with a solution to damaged hair. It certainly appealed to me, especially as I've put my hair through so much throughout the years with the dyeing and bleaching. At one point I even ended up with a small bald patch, urgh. Thankfully my hairs grown back though and back to it's natural state and colour, haha.
Nanokeratin System Review
With that aside, the products I've been using are the Re-Enhance Refining Shampoo and Rejuvenate Refining Mask. They are both designed for sensitised and chemically treated hair.

The Re-Enhance Refining Shampoo is designed to optimise the smoothing effect for chemically treated hair, and although my hair is back to it's natural colour now, it really worked wonders for my hair. It tends to get frizzy, especially in windy weather, and I have flyaways that need some serious taming. The shampoo completely cleansed my hair and scalp whilst leaving it moisturised at the same time.

The Rejuvenate Refining Mask is so quick and simple to use. I only have to leave it in for a good 2-3 minutes for it to soak into the hair until I can rinse it out, which is literally perfect for me. I have no time for hair masks that takes over 10 minutes to work it's magic, just no. After rinsing it out my hair feels so much softer and sleeker. The best part though? It's super easy to brush through. My hair tends to get super knotty so using this was a massive relief to my poor hair.

You can find more out about the Nanokeratin System here

Have you tried any products from the Nanokeratin System before?

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