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Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year Resolutions and Blogging Goals

I realise this is a little late but Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing new years eve and so far had a brilliant start to 2016. Unfortunately my new years eve didn't exactly go to plan. Originally myself and Josh had planned a quiet night in with the TV and takeaway but there was a takeaway mishap(it turned up 2 hours late without the full order) and Josh slept through the new year, so there's me sipping on my nice, cold glass of wine saying happy new year to myself, haha. How did you spend your nye?

Anyway, with a new year comes a few resolutions, and I've set myself a few blogging goals along the way too. There's a few things that I want to improve in 2016, both blogging wise and personal.
New Year Resolutions and Blogging Goals
Firstly let's talk about my personal resolutions. As you may all know a year ago I gave birth to the most gorgeous cheeky chappy you could meet, but alongside that bundle of joy comes a few body issues. I have stretchmarks like any mother and I'm proud of them, but that's not my concern. Although I was quite slim before I was pregnant, I didn't exactly like my body, but at least then my stomach was toned. Of course now that's not the case, so my aim this year is to exercise more and tone my body.

Another resolution I've perhaps made over the last few years, but never completely met, was to drink a lot more water. Now, I know it is super important to drink at least 2 litres of water today but no, I'm completely useless. I cannot cope with the upteen amount of times I have to move to go to the loo. Honestly, it's ridiculous. However, I have reaped the benefits of drinking plenty of water before and so I hope to stick to it. I'm hoping it will do me and my skin a whole lot of good. 

And my last resolution is to cut down on the takeaways. Last year I discovered the app Just Eat and I slowly became addicted. I loved how simple and easy it was to get a takeaway to my door so quickly and efficiently. This resulted in quite a few Chinese takeaways and greasy food which is clearly not good for me. This is one I am very determined to stick to. More home cooked meals for me.

It's not exactly a resolution but I'd like to spend more time together with Josh and Alfie as a family and have plenty of family days out. It seems to be a slight problem at the moment to have family time together as me and Josh both work and Alfie's getting to that stage where he's getting more active and becoming more interested in new things.

2015 wasn't my best year blogging wise, or so I think. I started the year with a newborn baby and so there wasn't much time for me to be sat here relaxing and typing up a post. I was constantly tired and ran down most of the time. Since all that's changed now I want to get more involved with my blog again and perhaps organise a schedule. I'm thinking maybe 2-3 posts a week on a Monday, Thursday and Sunday. How does that sound? I really want to try my best to stick to it but sometimes there's things that happen that you can't control. 

Photography has become quite an important aspect of my blog over the past year and I find myself becoming more determined to improve it. If you've seen my first posts when I first started blogging you'll see that there's been a massive improvement from then and now. I like my photos to be crisp and clean. I'm looking to hopefully save up some money this year for a new camera and great quality equipment to help take my photography to the next step. My iphone 5c just isn't cutting it for me anymore. If you have any advice about improving photos or camera recommendations then please let me know. 

My last blogging goal is to attend more events and meet new bloggers this year. I have talked to so many amazing ladies(and gents!) last year and made some pretty great friends in the long run too. 

What are your New Year Resolutions and Blogging Goals this year?

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