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Friday, 23 October 2015

A Christmas Lush Haul 2015

As of a few weeks ago the Christmas Lush Products were released in stores and online. Ooh I just couldn't contain my excitement. Initially I was thinking about ordering online as my nearest store is about an hour away by train but there's something so amazing and magical about browsing in store, or in my case a lot of purchasing, haha. This Lush Haul must be my biggest one yet but what girl can resist when you walk into a store full of an abundance of beautiful scents. Oh it's my idea of heaven.
A Christmas Lush Haul
I first tried the Lush Limited Edition Christmas range last year and I didn't get to try out as many products as I would've liked so going in store was a lovely change although it didn't help my spending. Lush has brung back a few favourites this year, from the Snow Fairy Shower Gel(so delish) to the Luxury Lush Pud. Two of my favourites. Unfortunately my local Lush store isn't the biggest and there was no sign of the Luxury Lush Pud which was a disappointment. However I discovered many new products, a few of which smell amazing and I can see myself stocking up on. You might want to grab yourself a cuppa or hot chocolate while reading this post, it's a long one.

So what festive treats did I purchase?

Well first up is the Star Dust Bath Bomb. It's not the most appealing bath bomb, it's quite small in size and not at all colourful like many others in the Christmas range. In fact it can be seen as quite basic and plain but what drawn me to it was how it smelled. I can only describe it as quite sweet but not overpowering with strong notes of vanilla. Seriously beautiful. I am yet to try it out. 

This year resulted in a change to one of my favourite Christmas based products, the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar. In my opinion I believe they have improved it. It looks super pretty and girly with the silver glitter and the silver ribbon and bell wrapped around it. It really rings Christmas and looks so appealing to the eye. As for the scent, it smells of the popular snow fairy scent. Again it's very sweet which I am a massive fan of. In fact I still have a small bottle of the snow fairy shower gel left over from last year. I do hope they carry on producing the magic wand and snow fairy for a while as it's one of my favourite. 

As I was saying before, last year I made my first Lush order and that included the Butterbear Bath Bomb. I absolutely loved the way my skin felt while bathing with this. It made my skin feel so soft and moisturised. It's vanilla scented too. Can you tell I like the sweet scents? It's super cute and inexpensive too at just £1.95 which I believe is the cheapest bath bomb. I imagine Alfie would love a bath with the Butterbear too.
A Christmas Lush Haul
The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar is probably the most creative and attractive bath bomb that I bought in this haul and it's entirely new to me. I can't be sure whether it's new to the Christmas range or not but I love it. It's a strange one though as it's cinnamon based. Cinnamon isn't a scent I've ever been able to get along with but this is different. It's not too strong and smells very Christmassy. There's no way I'll be using it just yet. I'll wait until it's closer to Christmas to get a better experience from it with the 'Christmas vibes'.

A favourite of many bloggers and 'lushies' alike is the Yog Nog Bath Bomb. A sweet smelling, toffee scented bath bomb which is said to be really moisturising. It smells unbelievably good. I can see myself stocking up on this just because of how good it smells. 

After a lot of raves about the Cinders Bath Bomb in past #bbloggers chats on twitter I was looking forward to checking it out and I am pleasantly surprised. It smells incredible, it includes cinnamon which you now know isn't my favourite but I find it smells more fruity than spicy which I love. It also has popping candy which adds a lovely fun element to it.
A Christmas Lush Haul
Something I've been tempted to try for a while is the Refresher Shower Jelly. It smells exactly like those tasty, chewy refresher bars I've had since I was a kid. It is apparently best to be stored inside the fridge or freezer to give more of a refreshing feel in the shower which sounds good to me although it seems more suited towards summer. It's not part of the Christmas range but I thought I would include it anyway seeing as it is new to me.

A bath bomb that made me squeal with how cute and Christmassy it looks is the Father Christmas Bath Bomb. I don't know why but I thought it would smell a little spicy but in fact smells really sugary like candy floss which is very pleasant as I'm a lover of those kind of scents. I really can't wait to fizzle this out in the bath come Christmas. 

Another favourite of mine is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, a very pleasant looking bubble bar with the snow fairy scent which is clearly one of my favourite scents. I wish it was slightly bigger though as I feel it won't last as long as the other bubble bars. It could probably stretch to three uses if you use a little bit at a time. 

And lastly, the one I couldn't leave the store without, the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. A very zesty, refreshing smelling bath bomb in the form of a golden present. It's so beautifully presented, I am a fan. I know I've said this a few times but this is definitely a favourite. I can't wait to pop this in my bath.

So there we have it, my Christmas Lush Haul. I'm already tempted to stock up on some of the Christmas range. It's the most exciting range and I really want to have some backups for when the christmas goodies are gone. 

Have you hauled any Lush Christmas goodies yet? What are your favourites?

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