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Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Lush Haul and New Releases

Just two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my local lush store in Exeter after attending my third benefit event. I have become somewhat obsessed with Lush lately and I can't be without a bubble bar or bath bomb in my possession. A bath just doesn't feel the same without one. 

There's something I love and enjoy about entering a Lush store and being welcomed by an abundance of beautiful scents. Only this time around I wasn't just welcomed by the overwhelming smells of various bath bombs, bubble bars and an array of skincare, body and haircare products but I had caught my eye on a few new releases. I was told that the day before they had only just got these new releases in so it was fantastic timing.
A Lush Haul and New Releases
A Lush Haul and New Releases
Of course with them only being exclusive to the Oxford Street flagship store at first I had to pop a few of them into my basket. So what did I buy?

Well the first thing I spotted was The Experimenter. I had this on my wishlist from the word go when it was featured in previous blog posts that I had read upon the opening of the Oxford Street store(oh how I want to visit badly!). It's a visually stunning bath bomb with its hexagonal shape and combination of bright colours and glitter incorporated into it. Oh and did I mention it includes popping candy too? It really is an exciting bath bomb and I can't wait to try it out. At £4.25 it's not the cheapest bath bomb but I can say it's the prettiest I've laid my little green eyes on. 

Another exciting bath bomb I can't wait to try is the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. I picked it up purely because of how beautiful it looked with the swirls of colour and likeness to a planet. This too has popping candy which is a fun element to it. The Intergalactic Bath Bomb has a very different scent than what I'm used to. I'm normally into quite sweet, fruity scents but it's a million miles from that but worth a try after the demos I have seen. Again this bath bomb is also priced at £4.25 which is quite reasonable for something that appears ever so beautiful in the bath.
A Lush Haul and New Releases
One that I picked up for the overall scent as opposed to the design was the Yoga Bath Bomb. I actually hadn't ever seen or heard anything about this particular bath bomb but I immediately fell in love with the smell of it. And yes I have already used it. When you have a beautifully scented and lovely looking bath bomb waiting in the wings to be used it can be a little difficult to avoid. There will no doubt be a review on this bath bomb soon enough. The Yoga Bath Bomb is also priced at £3.95. I don't think I even looked twice at the prices during my trip to Lush. It was so busy and I was too excited to pay attention.  

Who can resist the pretty bath bomb that is the Skydancer Bath Bomb? Well not me, clearly. It is  a one off, limited edition, charity bath bomb. It is currently £3.95 and all the profits go towards the funding for equipment for satellite tag hen harrier chicks, to help protect them from crime in the wildlife. It feels so lovely and heart warming to be able to contribute to it. The charity aside though, it smells so good. To me it smells quite floral and fruity with a hint of spiciness. I can't wait to unleash it into the water. 

The last bath bomb I bought was Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar. It's not exactly new but it's been revamped as a bubble bar. I believe it was previously a bath bomb as I purchased it during the festive season last year and I quite enjoyed it. It's very floral but a very relaxing scent, and it is slightly smaller than other bubble bars but I believe it may last at least 2-3 baths if used wisely. This bubble bar is a little less than the bath bombs, priced at 30p less at £3.65. I will sure be having a relaxing bath with this bubble bar soon.

I was absolutely bursting for joy when the Comforter Shower Cream was spotted on the shelves in all its glory. When it was unleashed that Lush was creating a shower cream version of their famous bubble bar I was excited but disappointed when it was only exclusive to the Oxford Street store. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked so of course I had to snap it up. There were three different sized bottles but I picked up the 250g bottle which came to £9.95. It is a little pricey for a shower cream but boy is it dreamy. It is right up there with the snow fairy scent. I shall be slathering myself in this soon. 

I still have so many things that I want to try out such as the Frozen Bath Bomb, Milky Bath Bubble Bar and the Refresher Shower Jelly.

Have you picked anything up from Lush a lately? What are your favourite releases?

Friday, 21 August 2015

BPerfect Brush on Lashes and Mineral Foundation | Review

There's nothing I love more than discovering new brands and so when I was contacted about trying out some products from a brand called BPerfect I just couldn't say no. I didn't know what to expect from the brand but I can say that I'm pleasantly surprised. I was sent out two products which came in the form of their Brush on Lashes and Mineral Foundation.
BPerfect Brush on Lashes and Mineral Foundation Review

Now when I think of Mineral Foundation I think really light coverage in powder form, and that's exactly what it is. BPerfect says 'Containing only the finest vegan and halal approved ingredients the BPerfectg 100% Mineral Powders contains no artificial colours, chemicals, perfumes, parabens, preservatives or man made minerals. They offer a natural UV protection and contain anti-inflammatory properties being the ideal powder to use with skin concerns such as acne, roscacea, eczema and other similar breakouts'.

In writing this sounds perfect for me however I have mixed feelings about this. 

It's a loose powder so it's quite delicate and does not make my face look cakey in the slightest which is a good sign however I noticed a little shimmer in it which I am not really keen on as I like a matte base. 

Packaging wise it is rather small in size(which I can actually imagine lasting a long time). I also found it difficult to get a little bit of the powder out as the 'sieve' like compartment seemed to clog up from the powder. The shade range is quite disappointing too with just four shades. I have the shade Nude which is unfortunately a little dark on me, however I love the way that it feels on my skin.
BPerfect Brush on Lashes and Mineral Foundation Review
It makes my face feel super soft and comfortable. It doesn't feel heavy as my normal liquid foundation would do and allows my skin to breathe. It's almost like I'm not wearing any base makeup. 

As much as I love the way it feels on my skin though I just couldn't wear this on a daily basis. I suffer from acne and I have quite a lot of scarring so I do feel much more comfortable with more coverage. Although it is said to be perfect for those with Acne and Rosacea I was gutted that it didn't work too well for me. It's perfect for those no makeup, makeup days when I want to stay in or pop to the shops quickly. 

As disappointed as I was about the Mineral Foundation, I was not let down by the Brush on Lashes. Described as an alternative to eyelash extensions I was intrigued to try it out. Inside the box are two, thick silver tubes, the Lengthening Gel and Enhancement Fibres. 

There are instructions inside, above the products to help along the way. You can apply mascara beforehand which I prefer to do or you can start off with Step One, applying the Lengthening Gel from root to tip. As soon as the Lengthening Gel was applied I took to my lashes with the Enhancement Fibres(which was Step Two). I had to be pretty careful with this as it can be quite easy to get in my eyes if there are too many fibres. After I was happy with that I left my lashes to set for 20 seconds. The third step was to apply the lengthening gel again to allow the fibres to 'stick'. 

The results were pretty incredible. My lashes looked much more fuller and longer which is exactly what I was looking for. If you do feel like going more dramatic though you can repeat step two and three until you get your desired look. 

If you don't have naturally long lashes like myself then I really do urge you to try this little set out. The BPerfect Mineral Foundation currently retails for £19.99 and the Brush on Lashes are £22.99. Overall I am very impressed with the Brush on Lashes and disappointed with the Mineral Foundation. I do hope that the shade range is extended. 

Have you tried out the BPerfect Brush on Lashes or Mineral Foundation?


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