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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask | Review

One product that is never missing from a skincare routine or a pamper night is a face mask. As I suffer from acne prone skin it is an absolute must for me to help rid my skin of any grime and makeup that's living underneath the surface to prevent more spots appearing. 

When I was contacted by May Beauty about a very interesting face mask, named The Incredible Face Mask(a big statement there, is it not?) I felt that I had to give it a go and see if it lived up to its 'incredible' name.
May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask
First things first. I had never heard of May Beauty before so it was great to try something different from a new brand.

I received a set of five sachets of the face mask, a brush and a very informative 'mini book' called The Incredible Skin Guide. Inside it has a lot of information about what to expect, how the mask works and even information on what food to stick to, to help clear the skin and there are also comparisons between diet and medication

The scent of the face mask is pretty incredible. It's very rare that a face mask smells this good. It has a fruity hint to it which is so appealing.

The Incredible Face Mask is a peel off face mask which is unlike something I've tried before which was a nice change from the norm. I've normally gone for the 'apply and wash off' kinda face masks. I applied May Beauty Incredible Face Mask after a quick double cleanse.
May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask  
I found that one sachet is more than enough for the whole of my face but I didn't find the brush very handy in applying it so I just used my fingers. I left it on for the recommended time(around 45 minutes) and I can't say it wasn't painless when peeling off which was a major put off for me. I have a very high pain threshold normally which shocked me because as I was peeling it off I winced in pain. I had to peel it off really gently. It took a good 5 minutes until it was fully removed and it actually resembled a bin bag afterwards. I don't know how else to describe it, sorry. 

I can't deny the benefits of the face mask in the aftermath though. Once the excess of the face mask was removed my skin felt reasonably smooth and my sister actually said she had seen a difference in my skin which is a sure good sign. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get over the pain of the peeling process that I really wouldn't purchase as much as it had benefited my skin. 

Have you or will you be trying out the Incredible Face Mask?

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