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Monday, 1 June 2015

Black and White Genuine Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade | Review

I am the kinda girl who normally sticks with the whole wash, blowdry and straighten hair routine but recently I've been wanting to go out of my comfort zone and try out different hairstyles. My hair is quite thin and damaged due to endless hair dyes and bleach and it sometimes becomes a little frizzy and untamed with hair all over the place which obviously isn't very attractive.

I am always on the look out for products to tame my hair a little and so I was very pleased when I was contacted to try out the Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade.
Black and White Genuine Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade
I occasionally like to put my hair up in a donut bun with all of my hair slicked back. Having a fringe is quite difficult and no amount of hairspray will pull it back without it giving my hair that icky crispy texture. Not appealing in the slightest.

The packaging of the Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade is very basic but I quite like it. The monochrome theme is really appealing and it is a great size with 50ml of pomade inside. That is pretty good as it will definitely last a long time.
Black and White Genuine Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade
I didn't know what to think of the pomade at first as it's not like something I have ever used before. It has a rather 'waxy' texture to it but it's transparent which is ideal. I had to use a few scrapes of the pomade to pull my fringe back. The pomade is extremely easy to work with though and pulls away all those horrible flyaway hairs. I always have a few pieces of hair at the side of my face that always stands out, and not in a good way. Thankfully upon applying the pomade it was no longer a problem.

I do have one slight negative to say about it though and a little warning. Never use on 3-4 day old hair. You know, when your hair starts getting a little greasy. It's really not the best thing to apply at that point as it leaves the hair looking even greasier and not brilliant to look at, haha. I learnt my lesson. It also unfortunately takes a while to wash out, but I'm guessing it depends on how much is applied. It took me two washes to get it all out of my hair. 

The Black and White Genuine Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade currently retails at just £4.65 in Boots which is a pretty great price. I'd say it's a bargain.

Have you tried the Black and White Genuine Pluo Hair Dressing Pomade?

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