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Friday, 15 May 2015

My Top Blush Picks for Spring/Summer

The weather has been pretty difficult lately. One minute it's cold and raining, the next it's so hot that I'm practically stripping. Now it's the Spring and coming up to the Summer I am whipping out all my blushes. If I'm honest I didn't used to be into them all that much until I started up my blog. Ever since then I've been trying and searching for the perfect blush for my pale but fair skin tone and I have come across a fair few of them. Some are my newest additions and some have been in my stash for a while now.
My Top Blush Picks For Spring/Sumer
Need I introduce the Sleek Rose Gold Blush? It took the bloggersphere by storm over a year ago and I completely understand why. It's a beautiful rose gold/coral shade with shimmer incorporated into it. Sleek Rose Gold is quite like a blush and highlighter all in one. I have no need for a highlighter when I apply this. It leaves such a beautiful, natural glow to my face which I absolutely love. It is my all time favourite blush. 

Another of my most used and favourite blush is from theBalm, the Frat Boy Shadow/Blush. It's a lovely peachy-pink shade that translates as quite natural and rosey once applied. It has absolutely zero shimmer in it so it's completely matte. It is highly pigmented so you'd really need to be careful to tap off any excess off your brush before applying directly to your cheeks. You don't want those dreaded clown cheeks do ya? Urgh, I went through a phase as a teenager when I applied waaay too much blush and was named a 'porcelain doll' by my mum. I'm sure that should be a compliment right?
My Top Blush Picks For Spring/Summer
Blushes are my newest obsession lately so it's no surprise to me that the rest of them are new additions to my stash. I was gifted the Bobbi Brown Cheek Palette in Calypso for my Birthday this year thanks to my boyfriend. It's from Bobbi Browns Hot Collection and is Limited Edition which I'm so gutted about. It contains two matte blushes either side and a highlight in the middle. From L-R; Coral Sugar, Calypso Highlight, Pretty Coral. My most used blush has to be Pretty Coral as I find it looks incredibly natural against my skin tone and works well with most of my makeup looks.

The most pinky toned of my blushes is Dior Rosy Glow. In pan it actually looks quite bright and 'barbie pink' like but once applied or swatched it appears much lighter, especially against my skin tone. It is so so pretty and has a slight glowy sheen to it, although it's not so intense as my Sleek Rose Gold Blush. 

Last but not least is the most talked about blushes this year, the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes. I have three of the Creme Puff Blushes and they are incredible dupes for the slightly expensive Hourglass Blushes. The pigmentation is incredible and again they have a slight glow to them. I seem to have a thing for the 'glowy' type blushes it seems. The shades I have are Lovely Pink, Nude Mauve and Seductive Pink. For display purposes is the shade Nude Mauve but they're honestly all so stunning I can't choose. 

What are your Top Blushes for Spring/Summer?


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