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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask | Review

I have a rather huge obsession with face masks at the moment. I used them every pamper night. What's a pamper night without one? I particularly enjoy charcoal based masks as it's more suited towards my acne prone skin. When I was given the chance to try out a very unique face mask I was ecstatic. This came in the form of the Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Brightening Face Mask.
Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask
Now when I say it's unique, I really mean it. It's unlike anything that I have used before. It's a cloth mask with bamboo charcoal extract embedded into it as opposed to the liquified or slightly thick face masks that you can purchase on the high street. 

First of all you have to really cleanse your face before. I prefer to double cleanse though. I use my micellar water to remove my makeup and another cleanser afterwards. Once I had cleansed my face I opened the sachet and removed the plastic film on the mask. I applied it firmly on the face with the darker side facing down(this side has the charcoal embedded into it). It has openings for the eyes and mouth so you really have to adjust it well to your face. 

I found it rather difficult to make sure it adheres to my face though. At times the cloth started coming away from around my mouth and my chin. It was rather slippery but that was not a problem. 

The TT Mask does look a little creepy looking on the face but I can look past that. I'm not sure my sister could though when she seen me wearing it, haha.
Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask
I left the mask on for a good 20 minutes before removing. It is recommended to remove it after 15-20 minutes but I like leaving it on for the maximum amount of time.  After it was removed there was a lot of product left on the skin so I gently massaged it into my face.

I found that the mask was, yes, a little slippery at times and admittedly stang a little around my jaw but it left my skin feeling rather smooth and hydrated with a lovely radiant, brightening effect. 

It was a fantastic change from the norm and I am so pleased with the way it made my face feel. I can't say it has done anything for my acne as it has been been all over the place the last few weeks although I did notice it calmed down the redness which is a sure good sign.

Have you tried the TT Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask?

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*Post Contains PR Samples- Please read my full disclaimer here

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Free MUA Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

No this is not a haul but I did let go of the ol' purse strings just last week, yet again. I really couldn't help it though. In my defence it was a slightly small splurge which didn't cost very much and there was an offer going on. I thought I would share that offer with you while it lasts.

If you spend at least £8 or over at Superdrug on MUA products then you get a free limited edition eyeshadow palette. It's a pretty great deal, and a saving of £4. I know £4 is not a lot of money but it's a saving nonetheless.

To earn the limited edition eyeshadow palette I obviously had to make up that £8 and so I chose three products.
Free MUA Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette
Free MUA Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette
My first choice was the MUA Prime and Conceal Powder. It intrigued me with the combination of different colours and it's colour correcting claims. It was love at first swatch. I can't wait to try this one out. 

I've been meaning to try out a liquid lipstick for a while but hadn't found one I quite liked until now. The MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Serene. It's the most beautiful and slightly bright peachy pink. I haven't used it as of yet but once i swatched it in store I knew I had to have it. 

I had just £1 left to spend to earn that palette and it was out of a new lipstick or blush and I went for the MUA Blush in Bon Bon. I have at least two blushes from MUA and they're amazingly great quality. Not the packaging unfortunately but the pigmentation is pretty spot on. The shade Bon Bon is unlike one that I have so I can't wait to get use of it.

As for the MUA 5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette, well the majority, if not all are shimmers. There's a real mix of shades in there. As a neutral girl it's great to see different shades of brown in there. You can always purchase the palette individually for £4 if you liked.

Will you be taking advantage of this deal?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Boots Haul #3

Okay, so I kinda have a shopping problem, but what beauty blogger doesn't? I have been buying so much lately so I thought I would share one of my latest Boots Hauls. As if you need to read another eh? I only popped my last Boots Haul on the blog in February. You can take a look at that haul here. What can I say? I can not resist. Ever since this haul though I have to admit that I have gone a bit Boots crazy and bought a few more things. Some repurchases and some that have been on my wishlist for quite a while.
Boots Haul
The first things I popped into my basket upon entering Boots are the Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask and the Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist. They weren't necessarily essentials but I hadn't tried anything from the brand before. It was a 2 for £10 deal that made my mind up. If you've heard me drone on about my locks via here or Twitter then you'll have learnt that I have quite dry, thin hair due to multiple hair dyes and bleaching in the past. My hair is back to its natural colour, bar the slight ombré effect in my hair from the blonde fading. I'm hoping the reconstruction mask will repair and nourish my hair back to its original state, or better.

As for the Heat Protection Mist, I wanted to try out something different and boy am I glad I purchased this. I've used it a few times before straightening and blow drying and it makes my hair feel super smooth afterwards. I may pop a review up on the blog in the future for anyone that's interested.

I didn't expect this but I ended up picking up not one, but two foundations. They were highly recommended by a few bloggers on the #bbloggers chat a few weeks ago. I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade Vanilla which is the lightest. I've used it once since buying and it's a bit dark for my skin tone but I quite like how dewy it looks. I also picked up the L'Oreal Matte Infallible Foundation in the shade Porcelain which is also a little dark for me but I make it work with a little blending. I love the coverage it gives. I've used it at least two or three times and I quite like it so far.
Boots Haul
The only repurchase is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory. I haven't had it in my possession for a while and so I decided to pick it up again. I love to apply the concealer under the eyes as it really brightens up that area. 

I wouldn't say this is a repurchase but a few months ago the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was released for a different skin type. The original is for normal and sensitive skins but the newest release is created for those with combination skin, which is what I have. I love the original for removing makeup so I'm glad there is one actually specifically made for my skin type. 

Lastly we come to the lipstick. I am completely obsessed with them. The latest addition to my lipstick stash is the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Androgyne. I've only worn it once so far and it's a gorgeous light pink. Not too light but not leaning towards fuschia either.

Have you been Boots hauling lately?
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | Review

I know I know, I jumped onto the Benefit Roller Lash bandwagon but I really had to give this little bad boy a go, especially as this dinky sample size version was included in a magazine a few months ago and it only cost £4. I am happy to say that the mascara is still going strong and there's plenty of product left which I'm so pleased about.

I have heard a tonne of good and bad things about this mascara and I wanted to give it a fair trial and wait for all of the hype around Roller Lash to die down a little before I shared my thoughts with you.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I very rarely invest in a new mascara. I tend to stick to the same one(which you'll have learnt if you read my Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara Review). I'm obsessed with blush, foundation and lipstick but mascara just doesn't get me as excited. But for once this particular release got me so so excited.

I love the Benefit They're Real Mascara so I had high hopes for Roller Lash. The wand is of the plastic variety but slightly curved rather than a basic straight one which I find a lot better. The wand doesn't feel scratchy at all which is good news for my eye area. The mascara wand has tiny little 'hooks' to grab the lashes and roll them upwards. This is called the hook n roll motion. 

After applying the mascara I can automatically see a difference after just the one coat. It lengthens, separates, thickens, lifts and curls my lashes. Roller Lash is essentially a do it all kinda mascara.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I do have a slight negative to say about it though, but that's not to say it's a massive deal because it really isn't. The mascara sets as a satin finish which is in-between wet and matte so it's not an entirely waterproof mascara which is a shame. I can get quite oily lids so within about 15-20 minutes after application the mascara tends to transfer to my lids. It isn't pretty but not something that can't be fixed. A little blot of powder and voila, it's gone. 

Overall I have to say I am pretty impressed with the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Admittedly the sample size packaging isn't aesthetically pleasing to the eye but the full size version is so pretty. It is a fantastic mascara which does it all. I wish I popped some before and after photos up to show you the incredible difference but not everything goes a bloggers way when it comes down to photography unfortunately.

 The full size version retails for £20.50. It may seem a little steep for a mascara but I think it's worth it. I will for sure be purchasing a full size once my sample has ran out. You can purchase here from Look Fantasic, direct from Benefit Cosmetics and many other websites.

Have you tried the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Five Products to Radiant Skin

I used to be the kinda girl that wouldn't go out of the house without a high coverage foundation but lately that has all changed. I've really been loving the look and feel of a lighter base and I've discovered a few products along the way that creates that radiant skin that I'm sure every girl craves, me included.
Five Products to Radiant Skin
There's something rather satisfying about a lighter base. It feels so lightweight. Not heavy at all like many high coverage foundations tend to be. My go to foundation for glowy skin is a bargain at just £6.99, the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. I'm not going to go into it too much as I have a full review but it gives the look of illuminating skin and also is a light to medium coverage. It doesn't cover up my imperfections quite but that's what a concealers for right? It's incredible for the price. I'd even go so far as to say it's a dupe for the NARS Sheer Glow foundation.

I feel so silly about this particular concealer as I left it in the back of my muji drawers for quite a while as I didn't quite 'get it' on first application. Ever since I decided to give it another try, well let's say I fell in love with it and it's the high end and coveted NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I cringe at the price of the concealer(it's £23) but it's worth the price tag. I have the lightest shade, Chantilly, and it is ever so creamy and gives me just the right amount of coverage. I apply it under my eyes and on my blemishes and acne scarring and it does the job well. It has a brightening effect which makes the under eyes look much brighter and make me look more awake which is something that is needed after a short sleep looking after a four month old.
Five Products to Radiant Skin
On to blush! Well if you've read yesterday's post you'll understand that I'm completely obsessed with them lately so it's only right I include not one, but two of my favourites. First up is my all time favourite Sleek Rose Gold Blush. It's a stunning rose gold/coral shade with golden shimmer particles within it that translates ever so beautifully on the skin. It's highly pigmented which means a light hand is needed. There is absolutely no need for a highlighter as its pretty much a multi purpose product. 

My newest blush discovery which you may have seen in Monday's post if you're a regular reader is the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush. Yet again I don't want to say too much as you can read that full review. But I particularly love the shade Lovely Pink at the moment. It's a light baby pink that gives a natural pinky glow to the cheeks. It's not overwhelmingly glowy as such, it's more on the subtle side.

Lastly is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I have used it pretty non stop since Spring arose. I've had mine for well over a year and I'm not even close to hitting pan yet. It's a gorgeous champagne shade and works well at highlighting the top of my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. Basically anywhere that the sun tends to hit my face. If you're looking for the perfect highlighter for Spring/Summer you can check out my Top Highlighter Picks

What are your five products to achieve radiant skin?

Monday, 18 May 2015

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush | Review and Swatches

Lately I have been somewhat obsessed with blushes for some reason, particularly the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes. They took the blogging world by storm after their release this year and I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. I adore them.

I have three of the six shades in the Creme Puff Blush range. From top to bottom are Seductive Pink, Nude Mauve and Lovely Pink.
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush
First of all I absolutely love the packaging.  It kinda looks a little on the high end side with the gold around the edge of the flip top lid. And although the packaging is plastic, it hasn't cracked nor broken. Hallelujah! I've always had problems in the past with plastic packaging for blushes. Thankfully the compact is sturdy and I have had no trouble with it in that respect. As you can see the blushes are still intact and in good condition, and I really hope it stays that way. With my clumsiness, who knows what could happen.

Besides the packaging, the pigmentation is incredible. It's pretty intense, except for the shade Lovely Pink. That specific shade needs to be built up to the intensity I like but that's not a problem at all. In fact it's a lot easier as there's no way I can over apply.
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush
Let's get down to the shades shall we? Seductive Pink is a dark rosy pink shade and Nude Mauve is a light nude-beige but the favourite of the three has to be the shade Lovely Pink. It's a very light baby pink that really goes well with any look.

All of the blushes have a slight shimmer to them that creates the most beautiful glow when applied to the apples of my cheeks. It is incredibly subtle which I love. The wear time is pretty good too. I wear a full face of makeup for 11 hours at most and it stays in place for at least a good 6 hours before it shows any sign of fading. The colour fades overtime but I've noticed the shimmer still stays put. Strange eh?
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Swatches L-R; Seductive Pink, Nude Mauve, Lovely Pink

The Creme Puff Blushes have been claimed to be dupes for the beautiful Hourglass blushes and I have to say I agree. I have the Hourglass Blush Palette and so I can really see the similarities. The only difference between them both of course is the price. 

The Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes retail for £8.99 at Superdrug or Boots. If you have an Hourglass Blush on your wishlist at the moment I highly urge you to check these out first before making the higher end purchase. They're a fantastic bargain. I really want to buy the rest of the shades now to make up the rest of the collection. 

Have you tried the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes? What is your favourite shade?

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Top Blush Picks for Spring/Summer

The weather has been pretty difficult lately. One minute it's cold and raining, the next it's so hot that I'm practically stripping. Now it's the Spring and coming up to the Summer I am whipping out all my blushes. If I'm honest I didn't used to be into them all that much until I started up my blog. Ever since then I've been trying and searching for the perfect blush for my pale but fair skin tone and I have come across a fair few of them. Some are my newest additions and some have been in my stash for a while now.
My Top Blush Picks For Spring/Sumer
Need I introduce the Sleek Rose Gold Blush? It took the bloggersphere by storm over a year ago and I completely understand why. It's a beautiful rose gold/coral shade with shimmer incorporated into it. Sleek Rose Gold is quite like a blush and highlighter all in one. I have no need for a highlighter when I apply this. It leaves such a beautiful, natural glow to my face which I absolutely love. It is my all time favourite blush. 

Another of my most used and favourite blush is from theBalm, the Frat Boy Shadow/Blush. It's a lovely peachy-pink shade that translates as quite natural and rosey once applied. It has absolutely zero shimmer in it so it's completely matte. It is highly pigmented so you'd really need to be careful to tap off any excess off your brush before applying directly to your cheeks. You don't want those dreaded clown cheeks do ya? Urgh, I went through a phase as a teenager when I applied waaay too much blush and was named a 'porcelain doll' by my mum. I'm sure that should be a compliment right?
My Top Blush Picks For Spring/Summer
Blushes are my newest obsession lately so it's no surprise to me that the rest of them are new additions to my stash. I was gifted the Bobbi Brown Cheek Palette in Calypso for my Birthday this year thanks to my boyfriend. It's from Bobbi Browns Hot Collection and is Limited Edition which I'm so gutted about. It contains two matte blushes either side and a highlight in the middle. From L-R; Coral Sugar, Calypso Highlight, Pretty Coral. My most used blush has to be Pretty Coral as I find it looks incredibly natural against my skin tone and works well with most of my makeup looks.

The most pinky toned of my blushes is Dior Rosy Glow. In pan it actually looks quite bright and 'barbie pink' like but once applied or swatched it appears much lighter, especially against my skin tone. It is so so pretty and has a slight glowy sheen to it, although it's not so intense as my Sleek Rose Gold Blush. 

Last but not least is the most talked about blushes this year, the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes. I have three of the Creme Puff Blushes and they are incredible dupes for the slightly expensive Hourglass Blushes. The pigmentation is incredible and again they have a slight glow to them. I seem to have a thing for the 'glowy' type blushes it seems. The shades I have are Lovely Pink, Nude Mauve and Seductive Pink. For display purposes is the shade Nude Mauve but they're honestly all so stunning I can't choose. 

What are your Top Blushes for Spring/Summer?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Little Lush Hauling

Last week I attended a Benefit Bloggers Event in Exeter and afterwards me and a few girls took off on a shopping trip. As I don't have a Lush store near me it had to be taken advantage of and so I did a little Lush Hauling and came away with a few goodies. Let's take a peek at what I bought shall we?
A Little Lush Hauling
A Little Lush Hauling
First of all is the Brightside Bubble Bar. It's something I have never used before. I was instantly drawn to it when taking a look through the range of bubble bars. The smell is just incredible, it reminds me a lot of Fanta. This bubble bar alone will last me quite a while as I'll only crumble a little of it in per bath. 

Another thing that I bought but never tried is the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. I love bath bombs and I actually bought this on a whim. It smelled quite citrusy which I loved so I can't wait to use it.

The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar has that beautiful sweet snow fairy scent that I just couldn't resist. I've used it before and loved it and so I had to make a purchase again. It's quite small compared to some other bubble bars so I can only see it lasting one or two baths. I might just half it to make it last longer.
A Little Lush Hauling
A Little Lush Hauling
Another worthy repurchase is The Comforter Bubble Bar. I just ran out of my last one a few days ago and longed for another one. The scent is just ahh, so amazing and turns my bath into a lovely purple with plenty of bubbles. Who doesn't like a bubble bath? The scent in itself was enough to persuade me to get another. If you do make a future purchase at Lush let it be this. It's such a cult favourite by many and for good reason. 

The last bath product I picked up was the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar. Yeah, I seem to love my bubble bars, haha. Not only is it pretty and colourful but it smells of Parma Violets! Yes you heard me right. Ahh, it's literally heaven in a bubble bar. I have a feeling I may fall head over heels with this due to the sweet but wonderful scent. Can you tell that it's the scents that draws me in?

For the first time ever I decided to delve into the skincare from Lush. I've heard and read so many positive things about it and so I went about asking people their favourite skincare products for combination, acne prone skin on the #bbloggers chat. 

There were so many recommendations being thrown at me left, right and centre and there were two specific products that  stuck out more than others. Those were the Cupcake Face Mask and Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. I haven't managed to use them yet and I know I really should, especially as it can go off anytime. I'm so excited to try them both out. The Cupcake Face Mask smells of chocolate, it's delish. With the cleanser I can't really recognise a smell though. I'm hoping they do my skin some good. 

Have you done any Lush hauling recently?
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Benefit Bloggers Event | April 2015

A little over a week ago, me and a few other lovely blogger ladies got invited to a Benefit Event at House of Fraser in Exeter. I've never been to a bloggers event before as it's very rare to find one local to me, which is why Tayla organised it. The majority of events are in London which saddens me. 

It was a small event with the five of us blogger girls, Tayla(also a blogger but works with benefit too) and another lovely girl that works with Benefit. As it was such a small event(and my very first too) I was put at ease straightaway. All the girls were incredibly lovely and friendly. 

At the event we had an introduction to all of Benefits products. We started off with skincare first of all then slowly moved onto makeup. I fell in love with the skincare which quite surprised me. The smell of the skincare products were just divine and felt so soft on my skin. I also fell for the Posiebalm, They're Real Push-up Liner and the Hervana Blush which has now been mentally added to my wishlist(which is already pretty long).

Benefit Bloggers Event
Benefit Bloggers Event
Benefit Bloggers Event
During the event we were treated to endless refills of pink lemonade, muffins, sherbet lemons and marshmallows. Oh, the muffins and pink lemonade was just delish. It really felt like a quite relaxed but fun atmosphere.
Benefit Bloggers EventBenefit Bloggers Event
After we tried and tested out the products we were kindly gifted these beautiful boxes. Inside are a few sample pieces to try including the Porefessional, They're Real Push up Liner and Remover, Refined Finish Facial Polish, Total Moisture Facial Cream and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. I really can't wait to put these to good use, particularly the They're Real Push-up Liner.
Benefit Bloggers Event
Benefit Bloggers Event
Overall I had such a great time. We all really mingled and got on so well, got to know each other and even had a cheeky shopping trip afterwards. Not the best idea was it? I came away with a few goodies which will be shown on the blog as of tomorrow. How typical of me. A big thankyou to Tayla for organising it.
Benefit Bloggers Event L-R; Emily, Hannah, Tayla, Me, Dayna, Zoe & Kathleen

It was great to meet all the girls. I was so hesitant and nervous about meeting everyone at first but we all got on so well and I realised that it wasn't worth being nervous about. There will be another Benefit event at the end of this month that I'm hoping to get to where we will have a makeup masterclass. My fingers are crossed that I'm able to attend. 

Before I end it there, I'd love it if you could check out their blogs. All it takes is a click of the button on their name above. I'm sure they'd really appreciate it. They all have such beautiful blogs.

Have you been to a Benefit Event?
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Baker Days Letterbox Cake | Review

This is an entirely different post from the norm as you can probably tell. There is something that I love more than makeup and that is food. Forget savouries, I'm very much a sweet kinda girl. Anything cake, sweet or chocolate related I am on it straight away.

Anyway, talking about cakes, I have an exciting website to show you called Baker Days. They have a variety of cake designs for so many special occasions, whether it be for a birthday, christening, engagement, mothers day and so much more. They even do get well soon, good luck and driving test cakes. How sweet. They really put a lot of thought into it. 

You can even get a cake or cupcakes personalised with a photo or any words of your choice. All you have to do is choose a category from whichever occasion you like, select the cake by choosing the size, design and recipe, personalise and purchase. Pretty simple right?
Baker Days Letterbox Cake
I chose the *'Say it with a Cake' with the Watercolour Thankyou Flowers design. I then decided to personalise it with 'happy belated one year anniversary' on the very front. It was mine and Josh's first anniversary of us being a couple in March and we never really celebrated it, so what better way to celebrate it than with a cake? Even if it was a bit late.

The letterbox cake is priced at £14.99 and is a 5 inch cake. It is big enough for just two people and there is at least 3-4 portions of cake. As you expect by the name of the cake, yes it does fit right through the letter box.

My cake was presented in a letterbox shaped white box and inside the box was a beautiful pastel blue tin. And of course the cake was encased in that very tin with a card and 'party pieces' including party poppers and balloons which was such a lovely touch.
Baker Days Letterbox Cake
Baker Days Letterbox Cake
The cake was carefully wrapped up and there was no damage to it at all which I was pleasantly surprised about. You could smell the cake from outside of the cake tin. Mmm, it smelled so heavenly. I was so excited that within an hour of it arriving me and Josh completely demolished it and oh my, was it delicious.

Once I sliced through, I seen that it was a lovely chocolate cake. Admittedly it's not something I would've chosen myself as I'm not a chocolate cake kinda person(I'm more of a vanilla sponge kinda girl) but this was different, it just melted in my mouth. I unfortunately forgot to take the photo of the inside of the cake as it was eaten too quick, but trust me, it was absolutely tasty.

If you're a cake kinda person like me and want to treat yourself or a loved one then I really recommend you try out Baker Days.   

I also have a Giveaway running on my Twitter where you can win your very own personalised Bakers Day Cake. It's pretty simple how to enter. All you have to do is follow Baker Days and Me on Twitter and RT my Giveaway. This will be running for just one day and the winner will be chosen by random. So please do enter before the 5th of May at 10:30am. The winner will be announced on twitter on that very day.

Have you tried a cake from Baker Days?

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Top Highlighter Picks to Achieve that Glow

No matter what time of the year it is. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, I always like the look of beautiful, stunning, glowy skin and I always try to achieve that with the help of a few of my favourite highlighters.

Admittedly I wasn't really into highlighters until the MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish took the blogosphere by storm two years ago and made that purchase. Ever since I have been completely obsessed with finding the perfect highlighters from both high end and the drugstore. I think I have found and bought my fair share of them, and I have since bought two more. Oops I did it again. See what I did there, hey? ha.
My Top Highlighter Picks to Achieve that Glow
My Top Highlighter Picks to Achieve that Glow
First up is theBalm Mary Lou Manizer. Such a clever name right? And the quirky packaging is spot on. This gold/honey hued highlighter has yellow undertones which makes it perfect for those with warmer or neutral undertones or tanned skin. I have neutral undertones and pale/fair skin but I have to be quite careful on how much I apply. You have to be quite light handed with it as it can look a bit overwhelming. I use my trusty Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply my highlighter. It's highly pigmented but with a light hand, it can really look quite beautiful when applied to the high point of my cheek bones. Honestly, it's just beautiful. 

The cheapest but equally wonderful as it's high end twin, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, the Seventeen Shimmer Brick in 'Pink Bronze' has won my heart. It has a mixture of different shades. From top to bottom; a light iridescent pink, medium pink, light brown and a deeper bronze. Swirled together, they make for a beautiful pinky-champagne sheen to the high point of my cheeks, down the nose and my cupids bow. It may look a little glittery but again, with a light hand, it just works.
My Top Highlighter Picks to Achieve that Glow
Yes, I have a sample version to show you and it's a good'un at that. It's one of the 3 liquid highlighters that I have and quite like. MAC is one of my favourite high end makeup brands and I am quite surprised by the MAC Strobe Cream. I have had it for quite a long period of time and I'm nowhere near finishing it. A small pea sized of this is all that is needed. A little goes a long way. It comes out of the tube as white but once blended into the skin it gives off a beautiful dewy glow that you could just die for. I would say it's quite similar to the Benefit High Beam.

My favourite highlighter out of them all is without a doubt, the MAC Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. Is that surprising? I wouldn't think so. It's been a year since I purchased it and I haven't hit pan. I can see it lasting such a long time. It's a gorgeous champagne shade and I find it compliments my fair skin tone quite well. It's not overwhelmingly glittery which is always a plus. No sign of me looking like I've been transported back to the 90's when glitter was all the rage. Remember the glitter hair spray and glitter pots? If you were born in the 90's you'll understand what I mean.

Another high end product is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. It is one of Bobbi Browns Bestselling products. I have the shade 'Platinum Pink' with the old packaging and sadly isn't available anymore. The Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick consists of a bunch of different shades. From top to bottom is a baby pink, pale white, medium pink, rose gold and rosy pink. They can be used individually but I quite like them all swirled together and applied with my RT setting brush. 

What are your favourite highlighters to achieve glowy skin?

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