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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Masque | Review

Every Wednesday and Sunday is a pamper night for me, but what kinda pamper night would it be without a face mask? It's an absolute essential for me in my pamper night skincare routine. I have tried so many and I guess you can say I'm a little obsessed with them, clay masks in particular. So when I was recently contacted about trying Clayspray I just couldn't turn it down. 

If you're a regular reader here on Beauty Division you may already know that I suffer from acne. It has been pretty existent in my life(and on my face, neck etc) since the age of 14/15 and at the age of 21 I am still suffering with it. It's not as bad as it used to be in my teenager days but it's still pretty much there, along with some scarring too. Not a pretty sight at all.
Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Masque
Due to my spot prone skin I was advised that the Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Mask would be the best option for me as it's made especially for those with oily/blemished skin types like myself. Clayspray also has many other face masks made for other skin types too which I love.

My pamper night routine at the moment consists of exfoliating, cleansing, a face mask, spot treatment and moisturising so of course the face mask is the third(but I find to be the most important and effective) step.

*Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Mask features very few ingredients unlike many face masks that I have tried. It includes Iron, Clay, Water, Cardamom Seed Oil, Sodium Polyacrylate, Citric Acid and Sodium Hexametaphosphate(such a long word!).
Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Masque
I used just the one sachet of the Red Clay Face Mask. There was more than enough of the product to cover my entire face. I was quite surprised as I thought maybe I would need two at least. I left the face mask on for around 15-20 minutes. As soon as 5 minutes the face mask had fully dried down to a lighter brown and I could not move my face(which is always a good thing) in my opinion. The pores on my nose were emphasised and looked like the face mask was doing a good job of pulling out all the dirt and bacteria out from underneath the surface of the skin(ew!).

 As soon as the time was up I rinsed the face mask off with a wet flannel. Minutes later after I had rinsed and dried off the face mask my face was left feeling quite matte with zero shine and oil. Impressive! Although after an hour or so after rinsing the face mask off that feeling subsides and my skin feels much softer and so comfortable. 

I love the face mask so much that I will without a doubt purchase the full size. The spots that I had around my mouth(not pleasant) has actually reduced in size and calmed down since using it. It's incredible, I'm so amazed. I don't think I've raved so much about a face mask since the Origins Charcoal Face Mask. I just adore it.

I highly recommend the Clayspray Red Clay Face Mask if you have oily or combo but acne prone skin like me. You can purchase it for £25.00 for the full size bottle. In fact, it is currently on sale for £22.50. Yes, it's only £2.50 less but it is a saving nonetheless.

Have you tried the Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Face Masque?


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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes

If any of you are wondering where I've gone, well I'm still here. My blogging game is all over the place at the moment since having Alfie. It's pretty hectic here and I'm constantly busy that I haven't found any spare time to really just sit down, relax and type up a post. It's nice to be busy now and then but it's been pretty constant lately.

Putting my blogging game aside, I am very much on top of my makeup game and I have been loving my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes lately. Josh kindly bought it for me for Christmas last year which was such a huge surprise after me constantly hassling him about it and giving him cheeky little hints here and there. I really didn't expect it so you can imagine my excitement when I unwrapped it. I let out a little 'eeek'.
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes
Yes, it's a limited edition Christmas gift(this is a little late I know) which is such a shame as it's such a wonderful way to test out the blushers and the cult favourite Hoola before purchasing the full size.

In some cases I am pulled in by the packaging and let me tell you, the Christmas inspired packaging does not let me down. It looks incredibly cute. Inside the packaging you'll find that the box o blushes and such are housed in a metal tin with the same design as the outer cardboard packaging.

Inside the metal tin you will find five blushes, one bronzer, a mini watts up and a small brush(which I don't find to be so helpful).
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes Top Row L-R; Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb 
Bottom Row L-R; Hoola, Coralista, Rockateur

Dandelion is a soft, matte, light pink shade which I find to be my most used and favourite of them all. It is incredibly wearable and doesn't clash at all with my fairly pale skin. In fact it looks really natural which is something I look for in a blush. 

Bella Bamba is a coral blush with fine golden shimmer particles within it. It is  heavily pigmented so you'd really need a light hand with this blush. It doesn't really suit my ever so pale skin. I imagine it would suit me better if I had a tan.

Sugarbomb is a mix of a variety of four colours which then transforms into a lovely peach shade once swirled together and sweeped onto the cheeks. It is a beautiful blush and again looks very natural. I've used it quite a lot, although not as often as Dandelion. 

Hoola is obviously quite a favourite among many people and it's obvious why. I have the full size already but it's nice to have a little backup in case I run out. It is a stunning matte brown shade with no hint of orange and doesn't look overwhelming against my skintone. 

Coralista needs no description surely? The name says it all. It's a gorgeous coral but the complete opposite to Bella Bamba. It has specks of glitter but it's not as intense and pigmented as Bella Bamba itself. Coralista is quite subtle for a blush with shimmer. Its more of a light highlighter rather than a blush. 

Rocketeur is a shade I had been looking to purchase for the longest time so it was nice to see it was included. It is a mauvey-pink shade which is quite subtle, although you can really build it up to the intensity you like. 

As I mentioned before, the set contains a small sample size of the Watts Up highlighter. As nice and creamy as the formula is, it just didn't work for me or my skintone at all. It's a lovely champagne shade but it just completely looked ridiculous on me. I honestly think it would look a lot better on someone with a tanned or darker skin tone than me.

Overall it is a brilliant 'palette'. The packaging is just beautiful and the shades and formula are all completely spot on. So pigmented and buttery soft with no fall out that I have noticed. It's just a shame that I didn't get on well with the Watts Up Highlighter but it's a good thing I tried it out as I now know not to purchase the full size in the future.

Have you tried the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O Blushes?
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

MAC Patisserie Lipstick | Review

I don't know what it is but it's been all about the nudes lately, specifically from MAC. Gone are the bright lipsticks, out come the neutrals. How long this will last I have no idea. 

I have 3 nude lipsticks in my MAC lipstick collection so far and I want more. My first nude lipstick purchase was the shade 'Hue'(see review here) then I bought 'Patisserie' and most recently I purchased 'Angel' to add to the ever growing collection.
MAC Patisserie Lipstick
MAC Patisserie Lipstick
Over the last few months MAC Patisserie has been my go to nude lipstick. I've been using it non stop. 

MAC Patisserie is a lovely natural pinky-beige shade I'd say, although I can detect a slight peach tone too. I find Patisserie to feel quite buttery on the lips once applied, and very moisturising which gets a huge thumbs up from me. It feels almost like a gloss but without that icky sticky texture that a lipgloss leaves. It's also quite intensely pigmented for a lipstick with a lustre finish. You only need at least two swipes of the lipstick to get the colour fully opaque on the lips. Not bad at all eh?

You can get at least 2 hours wear out of it which is pretty good. When eating and drinking though the colour does wear off pretty quickly so you'll need to reapply it again afterwards. I guess the longevity is pretty understandable due to the lipstick not being a matte formula/finish.
MAC Patisserie Lipstick Swatch
With Patisserie having those slight peachy tones within it I am surprised it doesn't wash my pale skintone out. It suits my skin down to a tee and looks very flattering.

I have been really into creating smokey eyes recently and Patisserie is one of those lipstick that completely tones it all down. For someone that's normally into her brights and pinks come the Spring/Summer time I am pleasantly surprised that I'm as into this lipstick as much as I am if I'm honest. I can not big it up enough. I can see why so many people rave about it. It's an all round, natural toned, wearable lipstick. Perfect to wear throughout the year no matter what season it is.

I will be so gutted once the lipstick has been used up(which will happen anytime soon at this rate). I will be repurchasing it yet again without a doubt. It's a complete staple in my makeup routine at the moment.

If you are looking for a lovely pinky-beige nude lipstick that doesn't wash out even the palest of skintones out then MAC Patisserie is for you. 

Have you tried MAC Patisserie? What's your favourite nude lipstick from MAC?

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Flo Accessories | Refillable Perfume Atomizer and Celebrity LED Mirror

I am always on the lookout for products that are completely travel friendly and makes my life that little bit easier. I was the kinda girl that would take out the most ginormous bag, filling it with numerous sprays, countless lipsticks and the biggest bag of makeup. Now, ever since I gave birth to Alfie I have found that I can't do that anymore as I have his pram, changing bag etc. 

To make things more practical and easier for me, I now take out a smaller bag. Obviously with a smaller bag you can't quite fit in all of those products. I have since found a brilliant solution to one or two problems of mine.
Flo Accessories
Flo Accessories
I discovered Flo Accessories. A fantastic website that is full to the brim with brilliant, travel friendly products. Perfect for fitting into a smaller bag when you're on the go. 

I was very kindly sent two of their products. The Silver 5ml Refillable Perfume Atomizer and a Black Celebrity LED Compact Mirror and I have to say I am soo impressed. I wish I had discovered them before.
Flo Accessories Refillable Perfume Atomizer
Before I leave the house I like to spritz on my favourite perfume but as time flies throughout the day the scent left on my skin that morning/afternoon fades away. That's where the 5ml Refillable Perfume Atomizer comes in. I pop off the lower cap of the Atomizer and spray my favourite perfume through the silicone 'mouth' until it's full and screw the lower cap back on again. I currently have my Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight in my Perfume Atomizer. It's super quick and easy to use. You can just pop it into your bag and spritz your perfume on whenever you like without taking that full size perfume bottle out with you. If you're confused about how to use it there are instructions inside the box to guide you through it. 

You can also get the 5ml Refillable Perfume Atomizer in various different colours to suit your tastes. There is a pink, blue, orangey-gold, black and another black with white polka dots. There is also a bigger size, 7ml as opposed to the slightly smaller 5ml that I have. You can purchase it for £9.95.
Flo Accessories Celebrity LED Mirror
Ever tried doing your makeup in the dark with a small compact mirror? Yeah, that's me. It's a real struggle, believe me, especially when I'm applying my liquid liner. The Celebrity LED Compact Mirror takes that struggle away and makes makeup application so much easier. As you open up the mirror, you can see that there are three small LED lights on the left and right. To switch them on, there is an on and off switch at the bottom. It's pretty simple really. It also stands up on it's own so there are no achy arms here. The packaging is lovely. The exterior of the mirror is incredibly stylish with its soft touch finish. Thankfully I haven't found the mirror to get any of those grubby marks on it like I've noticed with other products with the same kinda finish. 

Again, you can find this mirror on their website in different colours. Not as wide a range as the Atomizer but you can get this in a pink or white. Whatever floats ya boat. You can purchase the Celebrity LED Compact Mirror for £9.95.

Have you tried anything from Flo Accessories?

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Starting with the bases, I am completely obsessed with my Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW10. This shade leans slightly warmer on my skin tone so I really need to make sure it's blended properly into my neck. To do so I use my Keshima Flat Top Kabuki Brush. To blend it in further, I use my fingers to make sure there is zero streaking and that there is no awkward line along my jawline.

After my foundation is blended in I apply my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade 'Fair'. I have a lot of scarring and a few spots so I carefully dab it onto the affected area until it's 'settled' and blended. I find that applying my concealer after foundation is easier as the foundation doesn't rub it off. I also use the same concealer to conceal any dark circles and brighten underneath my eyes to make me look more awake. I apply it directly under my eye area, using the same dabbing motion.
My Current Everyday Makeup Routine
My Current Everyday Makeup Routine
Next is the powder. I have been completely loyal to my beloved MAC Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus for over a year now. I 'dip' my RT Powder Brush into the powder and spread across my face, mainly using it on my t-zone as that's where my face gets the most oily. I find that this powder isn't cakey at all which is always a massive thumbs up from me. 

After the powder comes my favourite blush, like ever. A big statement I know. It is the Sleek Rose Gold Blush.It was so popular when I first began my blog. I apply the blush with my Real Techniques Blush Brush and sweep it across the apples of my cheeks. Sleek Rose Gold is a natural shade and has a beautiful glowy effect on the skin so there's no need for me to apply a highlighter. It's like a blush and highlighter all in one. 

To minimise any cakiness and give my makeup that dewy kinda look, I spritz a light mist of my MAC Prep and Prime Fix Plus to both sides of my face and directly in the front. 

For the brows, I fill them in with my new brow favourite, the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade 'Medium Brown. It's the perfect shade for my light brows and it really makes a huge difference. 

And next up is the eye makeup. I used to be the kinda girl that was scared of eyeshadow but now I've really gotten into it since I received my Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette for Christmas. I have two different eye looks at the moment. If I'm going for a quick eye makeup look I apply the shade 'Push Up' all over the lid. For a smokey eye I use 'Silk Teddy' from the crease upwards, 'Push Up' all over the lid blending it in softly and then also blending the shade 'Erotica' into the crease and 'v shape'.

After the eye makeup is completely blended I apply my favourite liquid liner, the L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision, creating a lovely cat flick. 

For mascara, I use the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara. I have been in love with it since I got the sample size from a magazine. To use, I wriggle the brush from side to side and run it through the roots of my lashes to the ends. It transforms my lashes completely, lengthening and volumising them.

After the mascara has dried, I tight line my upper lashes using my all time favourite Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in the shade 'Jet Black'. 

Lastly, is the lipstick. Undoubtedly the best part of my makeup routine. I am a complete lipstick junkie. To tone down the smokey eye(or if I'm really feeling a nude lip) I use my favourite nude lipstick of the moment, MAC Patisserie. It has a browny-pink tinge to it, so it's the perfect nude shade for me. 

What is your Current Everyday Makeup Routine at the moment?

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