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Monday, 23 March 2015

What I Got For My 21st Birthday

This post is a long time coming. It was actually my 21st birthday on the 28th of February, so nearly a month ago, but I have been so so busy that I haven't had the chance to put it up. In a rush I hadn't taken pictures of the full content which is why it looks all so mysterious with the white bag and such. There was also a terrible lack of space so I had to try and get them all in the photo somehow.
What I got for my 21st Birthday
It's absolutely crazy that I am 21. It's just strange to think that 5 years ago I left school for college and now I have my own house and a beautiful family. Oh how things change eh. Time flies. 

Anyway, before I get on with what I got for my birthday I am in no means 'showing off' about what I received. I took to Twitter to see if anyone would like to see and I got a lot of positive comments so here we are. If you'd like to see what I got for my birthday last year you can take a peek here. 

As you can see I got my fair share of books. I have been really getting into reading books recently, especially after I read Zoellas book, Girl Online. The first book I got is The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force which I received from my parents and siblings. I have been following Fleur via her blog and YouTube for a while now and she always has the best tips and tricks. I also have the Love Tanya book by the lovely Tanya Burr. I spotted this in Waterstones and I just had to have it so of course my boyfriend picked this up for me as he knows how much I enjoy Tanya's YouTube videos and tutorials. And the last book I got was Beautiful Ever After by Katie Piper. She is an incredible, inspirational woman and I just admire her. I'd been wanting her book for a while so Josh kindly picked it up for me.

I didn't get very many beauty bits but what I did get is by a brand I hadn't delved into much which is Bobbi Brown. I received the Bobbi Brown Calypso Blush Palette from the Hot Collection and Bobbi Brown Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio. I am totally in love with the palette and the shadow sticks are incredibly pigmented and creamy. I'm sure I'll be featuring them both in a post in the future.

While I'm on the subject of Beauty I also received the TRESemme Expert Selection Keratin Smooth Dryer set. I asked my grandparents to get me this as my hair dryer had broke(or so I thought it had,oops!). But it's good to have a backup right? 

You may be wondering what's in that cute Me to You box. Well, my mum and dad know that I love Me to You so they bought me a 21st Me to You ornament, which is now neatly placed on show in my cabinet. It's super cute.

This year I decided to get a phone out on contract and I picked the iPhone 5C. I'm so so clumsy at the best of times and I really wanted a new case for it. I picked out this cute embellished, glitzy one from New Look but sadly it doesn't really fit my phone. It tends to just slip off. But, on the plus side there is a phone case that fits which is the really cute heart case. Yeah it's maybe not the prettiest but it fits and my phone will not get marked thankfully.

In the very mysterious white bag right at the top is a beautiful silver heart necklace which my Aunty and Uncle bought me. I haven't had the chance to wear it as of yet but it's absolutely gorgeous. 

On the right hand side in the pink 'On your Birthday' box is a gorgeous bracelet which is another gift I was given by my grandparents. It's so stunning. I know I'll be wearing it a lot. 

Underneath the jewellery bag and box is a '21 Gorgeous' mug and coaster set which my boyfriend had bought for me too. To be honest the majority of things I got was from the fella. I think it's really cute. I don't think I've ever been without a new mug for my birthday since I was maybe 16. Sad I know but I do love a good cup of tea. 

I got so excited when my boyfriend bought me The Fault in Our Stars DVD. I knew he bought it(unfortunately he can't keep surprises and shown it to me before my birthday). I've been wanting to watch it for absolutely aaages and I'm still yet to watch it. I'm hoping to just relax and watch it tonight. 

And lastly, chocolate! You can't have a birthday without a cheeky chocolate gift can you? Well I can't anyway, aha. From my sister, her partner and children I got some Thorntons chocolate with the words Happy Birthday on the front. As you've probably guessed, I demolished this quickly and yes, it was yummy. 

Has it been your birthday recently? If so, what did you get? 



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