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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Current Top 4 Favourite Foundations

I love foundation. I wear it pretty much all the time apart from those lazy days where I'll happily leave the house with a bare face. I never used to be so happy with leaving the house with no makeup but my skin has improved a little from the teenage mess that it was a few years ago .
My Current Top 4 Favourite Foundations
My Current Top 4 Favourite Foundation Swatches 
I have combination skin that is quite fair. I also have acne and scarring(although not so bad now my teenager days are over with) with some redness. I've always struggled to find at least one foundation that will give me a good amount of coverage, has a flawless finish and matches my skin tone perfectly. I guess that's the definition of my dream foundation.

Over the last few years I have tried my fair share of foundations, in hope of finding that 'holy grail' foundation. I am thrilled to say that I've found a good 4 foundations that really live up to my expectations and totally works for me and my skin.

First up is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory. I think this is the first foundation of the four that I truly fell in love with, purely for the coverage it gives. With some foundations I've used in the past I've had to keep building it up to get the coverage I want but with this foundation I only need one layer and it completely covers up any imperfections. As for the shade, well I think Revlon need to bring out a shade lighter as its a little on the 'orangey' side for me. Putting the shade aside though, once properly blended into the neck and whatnot, it really gives a lovely finish and lasts on the skin for a good 5 hours at most. For a full review you can take a look here(please bare in mind it's an old review from back in the day when I first started my blog).

My favourite foundation at the moment is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW10. The coverage of the foundation is just incredible. I apply this with my Keshima Flat Top Kabuki Brush and blend out with my fingers and it just blends into the skin seamlessly. As it's a medium to full coverage foundation you really need to work it into the skin quickly as it drys quite quickly on the skin. Again, this shade is a little dark for me but a little lighter than Revlon Colorstay. I think I'll need to purchase the NC15 shade to see if it matches my skin better.

I didn't think I'd fall in love with another drugstore foundation after Revlon Colorstay but alas I have and it's a good'un. At first when I tried Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation I wasn't very keen on it. I felt it emphasised my imperfections but now I think different. Everything about this foundation is just dreamy. The formula, the coverage it gives, the shade and the finish. Well, the formula is quite thin in consistency and so it blends in beautifully and feels very lightweight. The shade Light Porcelain is like the perfect match to my skin. It's not too pale nor too dark. And the coverage, well it's not the highest coverage foundation I've used but that's nothing a little concealer can't solve. The finish is just my favourite thing about it. It has a gorgeous dewy, luminous effect on my skin and just looks so lovely. For a full review see here.

A few years ago I had ran out of my beloved Revlon Colorstay and so I wanted to try out something a little different so I picked up the L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Ivory and another for those fake tan days. Admittedly this is my least favourite of the four but it's just as good. Again, not the perfect shade match but once blended properly it gives a lovely satin finish and matches pretty well. None of that orange face, pale neck business thankfully. It's not the longest lasting foundation due to its slightly thin consistency but lasts a good 4 hours before it starts showing any sign of fading, but that's without any sign of powder. 

What are your top 4 favourite foundations?


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