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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My 21st Birthday Beauty Wishlist

Oh em gee, I am coming up 21 at the end of the month. Oh, how time flies. Who knew at the age of 20 I'd have my very own little space on the Internet, an amazing partner and a beautiful son. I for one didn't and I couldn't be happier. It's surreal how fast the time has gone by and to see how much has changed.

Anyway, as it's the big 21st at the end of the month I thought I'd compile a few of the things that I am hoping to get for my birthday.

There are so many things that I really want. Over the last couple of months I've added and added to my wishlist and most of the things I am lusting after for my birthday are at the luxury, high end side as opposed to drugstore. I can only hope and dream right? 

I am a lipstick junkie. I have over a hundred of them, at least that. I have wanted to own one of these miniature sized lipsticks for a while now. There are so many beautiful shades but there's one in particular that stands out to me and that's 'Michael'. It's a gorgeous corals-pink shade. I don't own a lipstick like it so it'd make a nice addition to the collection.

Bobbi Brown Mini Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio
I love love love cream shadows. They are so simple to apply. I first discovered the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks when reading through a blog post a while ago. I was completely mesmerised by how pretty the swatches were. They look really pigmented and sound completely amazing. 

This is the most luxurious and expensive thing on my wishlist costing a big £165. I haven't delved into the world of Charlotte Tilbury makeup as of yet but as a risk taker I like to delve in and take a risk. I have a feeling it will be more than worth the money. 

I have been an avid follower of Fleurs blog and YouTube for the best part of nearly three years now. She's so inspirational and always has great tips and tricks beauty wise so I really want her book. I love to read anything that's beauty related. I've asked my parents for this so I'm hoping(fingers crossed) that I'll get it. 

Ahh, this just looks incredible. I've heard way too many positive reviews on this little babe and I've been convinced that I need it in my life. It's another luxury product, costing £59. Considering it costs £38 for an individual shade, it's definitely worth the money. If I received this for my birthday I will be so so happy, I couldn't tell ya.

Yet another beauty related book. It's a coveted and much loved book in the blogosphere and I really want it. Purely because I've heard so many great things about it. I've been trying to look for it in my local Waterstones and WH smith stores and haven't found it. If I don't receive it for my birthday, I will without a doubt purchase it online. 

I discovered a sample of this fragrance in an edition of my Elle magazine and I instantly fell in love with it. It's so beautifully scented, not to mention stunning and totally worthy of a place on my makeup table for display. 

I am completely in love with this. It is not at the luxury high end of beauty but it looks just as good. I was convinced I needed it after reading a review by Miss Makeup Magpie. It just looks incredible. I know I'd get so much use out of it as I love adding a little highlight to add a slight sheen to my cheeks.

Is it your birthday coming up soon? If so, what's on your Wishlist? 



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