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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Week 29/30 Pregnancy Update

Week 29/30 Pregnancy Update
It's been a while since I last updated you all with my pregnancy. It's been speeding by.  I honestly feel like I have lost track of the time over the last few weeks. I am finally in my third trimester, 30 weeks and 2 days along today. 

You would imagine at this stage of my pregnancy that I would have plenty of symptoms. Thankfully I haven't been suffering with many of them. I was worried about sickness coming back and admittedly it has but on at least one occasion and I'm hoping that's the end of it but I very much doubt it. I have also been suffering with a bad back which is understandable as I have to carry some extra weight(the baby, obviously). It's so so difficult to get in a position where I feel comfortable. I'm constantly lying down and sitting back up, and as for sleeping? Well that's even worse as that's when the little one is most active. Thankfully, I'm not suffering from the dreaded swollen feet just yet, phew! However, I have recently discovered I have stretch marks, not on my stomach just yet, but in an area you wouldn't expect to get any, my butt. Now what's that all about? Haha. I also have some slightly visible stretch marks on my thighs too. It seems that my trusted bio oil is not doing anything for me anymore. Gutted! 

So what else has been happening over the last few weeks? Well at 28 weeks I had yet another midwife appointment and scan and all seems well and good. Little man was weighing out at a good, healthy 2lbs and 15oz. I also had my whooping cough and a flu jab on the same day. Yes, that's painful! A jab in each arm? Well, you can imagine my arms were in pain. I could barely lift my arms up, haha. 

Me and Josh have decided on our boy's name, in fact we agreed on it months ago and I absolutely adore it. All is to be revealed after he's born though. Can you contain your excitement? haha. He has been so so active, it almost feels like he's getting excited and doing a little dance inside my belly. I'm constantly getting jabbed in the stomach by what feels like a little hand or foot. It is so adorable! Me and my sister had a cute little moment just a few weeks ago when she felt what I can only describe as a kick or a jab. He's moving so much that I panic when he's not moving, haha. 

We also have some exciting news! Me and Josh had a house viewing 2 weeks ago and are due to move into our very first house next Friday, eek! We have both been getting a bit spendy, buying bits and pieces for the house. I can't resist picking up a few homeware pieces and beautiful little trinkets. We also have our family helping out with bits and pieces to make our new house a home, which I am so appreciative of. 

We have so much to be excited about and look forward to, moving into our very first house together, christmas and of course, welcoming our little man into the world next year. I imagine the next few weeks will fly by again. On the downside though, when we move into our new home we'll have no internet and no tv so I'll be struggling to keep the blog active.

Enjoy your week!
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