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Friday, 24 October 2014

Lush Christmas Haul 2014

Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Hello lovelies! Since finding out I am pregnant I have toned down my spending a helluva lot. Every single penny either goes towards the baby or furniture for our new home(which we'll be moving into in a few weeks, eek!). This is one of those rare occasions where I thought I would treat myself. Doesn't every expectant mum deserve to treat themselves every once in a while? 

At this time of the year I love nothing more than relaxing in a lovely warm bath with a candle and a bath bomb fizzling so what better way to treat myself than to a few products from Lush. I have never set foot in a Lush store as my nearest one is an hour away by train so I ordered online instead. Surprisingly enough, this is my first ever Lush Haul(yes, I'm a poor blogger!) and I couldn't be more happier with what I received.

Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Lush Christmas Haul 2014

My first pick was the Magic Wand which is a reusable bubble bar. I have been lusting after it for sooo long. The Magic Wand has the snow fairy scent which is a really sickily sweet scent but I happen to love it. I'm a sucker for sweet scented products. To produce the most wonderful bubbles you swirl this around in your bath or under a running tap. As this is a reusable bubble bar, you can sit it on the side of the tub to dry, ready to use again whenever you wish. 

Northern Lights is a bath bomb that I was really excited about getting. I first seen it demonstrated in a lush haul a few weeks ago and I knew from the offset I had to have it as it gives off the most stunning 'firework' type display. I want to get as much use out of this bath bomb as I can so I will most probably split it in half when I use it.

Isn't the Butterbear cute? that was my excuse for the purchase anyway, as well as the £1.95 price tag. The Butterbear is somewhat of a skin softening and nourishing bath bomb as it is infused with fairtrade colombian cocoa butter. I can't wait to pop this in the bath for an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

The Candy Mountain bubble bar is another sweet smelling, candy scented product that I couldn't resist purchasing. I was mainly drawn in by the cute, pink, glittery design but even more so when I had noticed that it was infused with fairtrade vanilla which is a scent I really enjoy.

I purely bought the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb due to the beautiful array of rainbow colours it produces when popped into the water. I love the excitement of water changing colour as crazy as that may sound so it's hardly surprising that I purchased it. 

The Snow Fairy shower gel is highly raved about and popular, especially at this time of the year. It's the most beautiful, sweet smelling scent but I don't think I could use it repeatedly every day as it's quite overwhelming. It actually reminds me of my Lush Bubblegum scrub which I absolutely adore.

Last but not least is the most 'christmassy' of them all, the Luxury Lush Pud. Another bath bomb that's guaranteed to make you squeal with excitement with it's variety of beautiful colours it produces in the pink water. 

I am yet to try them all out but for the time being I am saving them all up to use when I move out into my own place in a few weeks time. If you'd like to hear my thoughts on them I'll be sure to pop up a review on them once I've tried and tested.

 Have you purchased from Lush recently?
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