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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Week 21 Pregnancy Update
Firstly I must apologize for the lack of posting, again. If I am truly honest I have just been a teeny bit lazy in between working and attending appointments over the last 2 weeks. Anyway, it's been just over 2 weeks ago that I finally revealed my pregnancy to you all. I was finding it incredibly difficult keeping it from everyone. I am shocked I managed to keep it quiet for so long.

I am now 21 weeks and 6 days, halfway into my pregnancy and the last 2 weeks have flied by, thankfully without any drama. Did I ever mention my little erm, incident in New Look just over a month ago? No? Well, that was an awkward moment. One minute I was chatting to my Aunty and Sister, the next I had fainted onto the floor and  surrounded by people in the store. Thankfully, everything has ran smoothly since then without any fainting episodes. 

During our 19 week scan me and my partner found out the baby's gender and I can reveal that we are expecting a little baby boy. As you can imagine, me and Josh are completely thrilled to bits.

Since we found out we're expecting a baby boy I have gone a little crazy with the clothes shopping which was to be expected. The cutest things I have bought so far happened to be from Sainsburys from the 'TU' range. One of my favourite pieces has to be a little teddy bear cardigan which I found on a sale rail for £4.50 down from £9, it was too cute to resist.

The morning sickness(or in my case, night sickness) has actually subsided, it's not completely disappeared like I'd hoped but I'm sure it will be over with soon. I have been waking up recently with a slight headache and sometimes a tummy ache which isn't a great feeling I want to wake up to, especially if I am working early in the morning towards the afternoon. 

My appetite has got a lot better, I can eat most foods that I couldn't eat before a few weeks ago due to the smells or taste making me feel icky. Some days are good though and some days are bad. One day I can eat plenty and the next my appetite isn't the best. I'm sure it will improve.

My bump is now showing a lot more. Due to being skinny it has took me a bit longer to show than others but I can now say I have a pretty small but cute baby bump. The baby has been incredibly active since 19 weeks, sometimes it feels like he's having a little roll around and my partner felt the baby move for the first time last week which was an incredible moment. Feeling my son move around inside me has to be one of the most incredible, beautiful feelings ever, it almost feels like butterflies in your stomach but better.

I'm really struggling to find clothes that fit me still. I may have to start purchasing tops and jumper in a size up and buy some more maternity jeans. I am definitely in need of yet another clothes shop!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing great and having a good week so far. I hope you enjoy following my pregnancy journey!

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