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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Exciting News: I'm Pregnant!

Pregnancy Announcement
As you may or may not have noticed I have been pretty absent on the blog front recently but for a number of factors. I started my new job back in Late May/Early June and my laptop decided to completely break down on me just when I was getting myself back into my old blogging ways. Typical eh? 

Anyway, just over a month or two ago I received the most exciting, thrilling news. I am Pregnant! Yes, Pregnant. I am so happy to finally be sharing this news with you all as I have been keeping quiet about it for so long. The news of my pregnancy didn't seem to sink in entirely until my first scan just a few weeks ago. It was such a life changing, amazing moment when we seen our lovely little baby on the screen.

I am now 19 weeks into my pregnancy which means our baby will be born in January of 2015 so of course it's going to be a Winter baby. My pregnancy seems to be flying by and as the weeks go by I am becoming more and more excited and anxious for what's to come.
In just two days time me and my partner will be finding out our babys gender which is all so exciting. We can start thinking more about names, buying some more clothes(I can't resist!) and of course finding a place of our own for our little family.

Of course pregnancy has it's ups and downs unless you're lucky and manage to skip past all the morning sickness. I unfortunately didn't skip past it and suffered with it for a number of weeks until recently. I am hoping it has completely ended now(fingers crossed!). In my early weeks of pregnancy I was struggling to find food that agreed with me and I was forever gorging on just fruit and beef space raiders.

Now 19 weeks on into my pregnancy I have put some baby weight on, my baby bump is slightly visible and I no longer fit into any of my size 6 jeans which strangely is a nice feeling partly because I have always struggled to put on the pounds and now I have finally put on weight(I have a high metabolism). The only frustrating thing about the pregnancy weight gain is the fact that I have absolutely zero trousers or jeans that fit me as I have obviously gone up a dress size or two. A shopping trip is definitely on the books this week.

Anyway, over the next coming months I will be updating my blog with a pregnancy update but let's not forget the beauty aspects of things here on Beauty Division, I will be updating my blog as often as I can with all things beauty related.

I hope you'll follow me on my very first pregnancy journey!
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