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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Back to Blogging!

I'm baack! Well, I think I am at least, haha. As you may or may not have noticed I have disappeared on the blogging front over the last few weeks and it was most definitely not planned but for good reason. I know I don't need to explain myself to anyone but I recently started a job over a month ago which I am so happy about. I have hated being unemployed ever since my work experience stopped back in December. It feels so good to finally be out there earning my own money and treating myself and others. Life is going great at the moment(I can't remember the last time I said that!). I have the most amazing and supportive family and boyfriend and a great job where I have met some incredible, friendly people so I'm at quite a happy stage at the moment.

Just because I've been AWOL over the last few weeks it doesn't mean I've given up on my blog, I just love it too much. This blog is my little space on the internet where I can freely share my opinions and interests with everyone else. Yeah, maybe I will get negative comments once in a while but it'll never disappear, it's good to have a hobby and something you're commited to and interested in and this blog is one of mine. 

I don't have a blogging schedule as such, I will upload a post as soon as an idea pops into my head as usual. I have really missed getting involved in my blog and the community. I've even dodged a few #bbloggers chats over the last few weeks and my skin routines been all over the place. What's wrong with me eh?

I can't wait to get back to my blog again and I am glad I still have so many supportive followers and lovely ladies on twitter that have still continued to chat to me since my blog disappearance. The blogging community really is an incredible thing to be involved in.

Anyway I hope you've all had a great day, or night even. I've had a lovely day, I've had a slight hair cut from my Aunty(she was a hairdresser) and I now have a fringe cut in and the ends trimmed off. Woo, healthy hair here I come!(here's hoping!). I also received my first Selfridges order, containing a few NARS goodies, how exciting! I will be getting a haul post up soon if you'd like to see what I've been purchasing since my disappearance on the blogging scene. 

Have an amazing week!

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