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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum | Review

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
As I've probably mentioned a gazillion times I have been trialling so many new products out over the last few weeks(see what is new here and here) including the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum.

After reading a lovely review on Gemmas(GemmaEtc) blog about this interesting whitening treatment I was won over and instantly purchased it from my nearest superdrug store just days later. It was on offer for just £1.70 down from £3.49. I have never used any teeth whitening treatments before as I'm normally quite sceptical about trying them.

Pearl drops claims that the Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum is the first beauty serum for teeth and gums that works while you sleep to help whiten the teeth and nourish the gums while protecting them from negative effects. It's also said that the Pearl Drops beauty sleep serum contains active oxygen, vitamin E and patented liquid calcium to boost whiteness, nourish the gums to preserve their healthy look and restore the tooth enamel.

It sounds impressive right?

I haven't got the most perfect white of the whitest teeth but they're not extremely discoloured either and I have a few white stains on them due to having braces and going through a major jaw operation so this seemed like a great option for me to try out.
Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
The packaging is a basic white tube containing 20ml of the serum, it doesn't seem like a lot of product but it has lasted me at least a month and I still have plenty of the product left to use. The serum is of a opaque white, thick gel consistency with a strong mint scent and taste which I actually quite like.

Every evening after brushing my teeth with my normal everyday toothpaste I dispense at least 2-3 pea sizes of the product and gently massaage it into my teeth and gums. The instructions say to use at least one pea size for both upper and bottom teeth but I find that it is not enough product for me. You can also apply it during the day and leave it on for just 30 minutes and rinse. Once I applied the product to my teeth I was left with a rather wet mouth which wasn't at all pleasant but that's only during the first minute or so of applying. I wasn't put off by it funnily enough.
Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
When I wake up, I rinse and my teeth feel extremely clean, none of that disgusting grittiness and it doesn't leave them feeling sensitive either which I was quite worried about. 

Overall, I have noticed a considerable difference to my teeth. It makes the nasty stains on my front teeth less noticeable, they feel incredibly clean the morning after and the overall appearance of them is a lot better before I tried the beauty sleep serum.

 Have you tried the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum?
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