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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Best Eye Makeup for Your Eye Colour

As a young teenage girl I experimented a helluva lot with every possible colour under the sun. You name it, I've worn it. If you could see me 5 years ago while I was at school you'd honestly let out a huge laugh. I sported a nice black eye makeup look which I thought looked pretty bad ass at the time but looking back now I honestly think it was the worst makeup mistake I could've possibly made. Oh how I wish I had a picture to show you all so you could have a laugh at my expense. 

Anyway a few years ago on one of my little lazy days I scoured the internet for hours looking up on what shades suit my eye colour and I came across a makeup colour wheel and found it super helpful.

It is so so important to consider your eye colour when deciding on what eye makeup to use. If you use the wrong eye makeup colour it can look quite harsh and doesn't make your eyes stand out at all.

To my knowledge the best possible way to find the best eyeshadow shade for your eye colour is to have a look at the colour wheel. The opposite shades to your eye colour on the colour wheel are the shades that will work best for your eye colour.
The Best Eye Makeup for your Eye Colour
Green Eyes

This is my eye colour. If you take a look at the colour wheel you can see that red toned colours will compliment my eyes the most. You can pair green eyes with pinks, burgundys, purples and you can also wear browns with a red undertone. I find that the most dramatic shades to use on my eyes are purples and burnt orange shades. Antique and Nocturnelle from MAC are great examples that you can pair with green eyes.

Blue Eyes 

Again, if you take a look at the colour wheel you can see that warm orange toned colours will work well for those gorgeous blue eyes such as gold, browns and greys. To make your eyes look more dramatic you can use bulging bright purples or bright pinks if you wish.

Brown Eyes

If you have beautiful brown eyes then you're lucky, this is the most versatile eye colour. A huge variety of colours will suit your eye colour very well. To make those eyes pop you can use blue, green, purple or browns.

Hazel Eyes 

Hazel eyes are absolutely beautiful, they are brown-green with lovely flecks of gold or grey.  To make the most of this gorgeous eye colour use green, browns and golds, they really bring the eyes out.

I hope this helped you out! Check out the colour wheel to find out what colours compliment those beautiful eyes and make them stand out.
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