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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My April Beauty Wishlist

As always every month I have a roundup of products that is on my beauty wishlist at the moment. I have so many on my wishlist at the moment that it's virtually impossible to pop them all onto this one wishlist post this month so I've picked my top five.

You can take a look at my March Beauty wishlist here if you would like to know what was on my wishlist last month.
April Beauty Wishlist
It's no secret that I have a huge obsession with lipsticks, MAC lipsticks in particular and I have a few shades on my 'to buy' list at the moment. The two shades that are on the top of that list are the shades 'Morange' and 'Impassioned'. The shade 'Morange' is completely out of my comfort zone being a bright Red/Orange and 'Impassioned' just looks sooo pretty.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight 
I am absolutely loving Marc Jacobs fragrances at the moment especially my beloved Daisy eau so Fresh so when this was released I was soo excited. When I went to my local Banburys store I just had to spritz this on my wrist and my god, it smells so fruity and just gorgeous so I will have to purchase it soon.

I am looking at expanding my makeup brush collection and I haven't got many eye makeup brushes and these seem like the perfect ones. I've seen them raved about on various beauty blogs and I've seen nothing but positive reviews so I will be purchasing these soon.
I came across so many posts on Kate La Vie blog featuring this little beauty and she has raved about it sooo many times that I've decided I really want to give it a go. I have sooo much trouble with redness on my face and I am hoping that this will help even my face out ready to apply my foundation. 

Okay, so this is slightly more expensive than any other beauty brush sets I have seen but my god do they look beautiful. I love the variety as this set includes both face brushes and eye brushes and the rose gold detail on the handle just looks lovely and so so so appealing! Can you blame me for wanting these?

What's on your Wishlist this month?
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