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Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Acne and Accutane Experience

My Acne and Accutane Experience
Today is a different kind of post sharing my experience with you about my suffering from acne and my accutane experience. This is going to be a bit of a slightly long post so brace yourself if you're reading this.

I have always suffered with really horrible acne-prone skin since I turned 15 years of age and I still suffer from it 5 years on at 20 years old. I used to have quite good skin, I'd have the odd spot here and there but nothing bad to speak of up until I turned 15 and started wearing makeup. Do I blame this? No! I only started wearing makeup because I was at that age that I wanted to really start experimenting with makeup and I wanted to feel and look good. I'm sure everyone has been insecure with themselves or their looks one way or another, name me a person who isn't.

First came the lipgloss, then the mascara, then the eye makeup and then the foundation came along and popped itself into my daily makeup routine. Since then my makeup obssesion escalated and here we are now, a good 5 years later.

I have tried so many products over the last 5 years for my acne that it's pretty impossible to name them all but for those I can remember I have tried Freederm, Clearasil, Witchazel, Tea Tree Oil, Benzoyl Peroxide based products, Erythromycin and so much more. Some of these worked for me in some way or another but not for long and some didn't work at all. Admittedly I wasted quite a lot of money on products for my acne-prone skin, some of which made my acne worse.

My acne was mild-moderate acne, I had pustules and papules and acne scarring but I never ever suffered from cystic acne(thank god!). My self confidence was sooo low when suffering from it. I felt unattractive and horrible and the only time I felt confident was with my makeup on.

At an all time low I rang up the doctors and got an appointment and they referred me to a dermatologist who had recommended 2 treatments, a topical treatment or a tablet and I chose to take the tablet. This came in the form of Isotetroin, also known as Accutane or Roaccutane. It is quite a strong tablet that has so many side effects including joint pains, vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions, stomach pain, liver problems and in worse cases suicidal thoughts.
I took 2 of these pill form tablets every day for 5 months and I did suffer from a few side effects such as joint pains, liver problems and dry skin. I had to be taken off the accutane for at least a month until my liver had sorted itself out but eventually over the 5 months my acne cleared up and scarring was reduced soo much. When you're on an accutane course you have to go back to the dermatologist every month for pregnancy tests. This is because accutane can cause serious harm to the baby and can cause birth defects if you're pregnant.

After I finished the course I felt confident and soo much better about myself, my skin was finally clear and I was sooo happy until come October(3-4 months later) and my acne came back. I still suffer from acne now, admittedly it's not as bad as it used to be, I do have breakouts and I do have scars but it's soo much better than it was 5 years ago so that's positive. I did have pictures on my phone from day 1 to the end of my treatment but unfortunately it broke, it's lost forever(enter cry face).

I urge any of you before going on accutane to think hard about the side effects, it can cause long term damage and can potentially threaten your life. Although it works for some people it may not work for you. You either stay clear of acne for a few months and face another 5-6 month of taking another course or you stay clear for a long period of time. It really depends on you and your body. Is it really worth it? 

  Have you tried Accutane? If so, what was your experience?
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