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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Makeup Mistakes | Do's and Don'ts

Makeup Mistakes Do's and Don'ts
Today I thought I'd do a very different post for you. Last month on one of the #bbloggers chats the topic was about our makeup fails and my oh my I have had way too many to mention so I thought I'd compile a list of my makeup do's and don'ts to prevent you from making the same stupid mistakes as my younger self. I'm not claiming to be some kind of expert at all, It's just something I have learnt from my own experience.

Makeup DO's 

1. Use a Foundation that matches your neck. You can either get someone to colour match you or apply a little bit of the foundation to your neck or near your jaw to see if it matches in the natural light.

2. Use a foundation brush to apply your foundation because A. It doesn't contain a lot of bacteria like your hands and B. It gives your foundation the best finish.

3. Blend, Blend, Blend, whether it's your blush or foundation, you don't want it to look like you've just slapped it all on and then left with the 'clown face' or the dreaded line under the jaw, urgh.

4. Use the colour wheel to determine what eyeshadows will suit your eye colour. My green eyes suit shades such as purple, pink, orange, red etc.

5. Deep clean your makeup brushes. This is a biggie! Makeup brushes collect dirt, oils and bacteria. You don't want to spread that on your face do you? I clean my makeup brushes at least once a week.

6. Take it easy on the face powder. It can appear cakey and emphasize your pores rather than make them appear smaller.
7. Define the brows! There are so many ways to do this nowadays. You can get them tinted, waxed or threaded and you can use powder and brow pencil or both if you wish. I shape my brows at first plucking all the unwanted hairs and then apply powder and eyebrow pencil.

8. Apply concealer underneath or on top of foundation to hide those nasty blemishes or cover the redness under the eyes or on the cheeks.

Makeup Don'ts

 1. Don't mismatch your foundation. I'm sure we've all done this at some point or another. I know I did! My foundation used to be at least 1-2 shades darker than my actual skin tone. As you can imagine it looked terrible.

2. To prevent the clumpy 'spider lashes' only apply at least 1-2 coatings of mascara.

3. Do not apply concealer or foundation on the lips. You probably already know this by now but I actually used to think it looked good but it didn't. Use a nude lipstick instead for a more natural look.

4. Do not overdo it with black eyeshadow, it can appear tacky or too dark for a daytime look(leave it for the night time). That was my mistake, aha.

5. One of my pet peeves have to be overplucked eyebrows. Do not over pluck them, your eyebrows are supposed to frame your face.

6. Don't overdo it with your eyebrows whether you draw them on thin or thick it can look really harsh.

7. Do not apply foundation or powder over dry skin as it can emphasize the dry patches. Exfoliate twice a week and moisturize beforehand for a better, smoother finish.

8. Don't apply too much foundation. Less is definitely more no matter how much you feel you have to cover.

 What are your makeup do's and don'ts?
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