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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why are you so Skinny?

 This is a question I get asked every so often, maybe on a daily to weekly basis and boy does it annoy me. When I was younger, maybe aged 8-9 I started getting teased by other children because I was tall and slightly skinnier than all the other girls, I noticed it myself but I always ignored it. I always had people in my school or class saying things to me like 'you shouldn't be that skinny, it's not normal, blah blah blah and of course it upset me, what child at 8 years old should have to deal with horrible comments like that.
It got worse when I started secondary school though, people I knew would ask the big question, why are you so skinny? and I would answer them by saying 'I'm naturally like this'. I had people saying to me 'you should eat more meat' or 'you must be anorexic or bullimic' which is enough to upset anyone.

I don't see why I should justify my weight to anyone at all because I know the reason why but the truth is I have a high metabolism.

What is a high metabolism? It's basically when your body digests your food faster than someone with a slower metabolism, it burns off calories quicker hence why I don't seem to be gaining weight.

I am not anorexic or bullimic, I eat plenty of food every single day and to be honest I'm happy with my body now. As much as I'd love to put on weight, my body won't put it on but as I get older my metabolism will start slowing down, allowing me to put on the weight, I can't be skinny forever. I've always had a tiny waist, thin legs and arms, I'm a size 6-8 and I'm happy with it.

You should never ever be made to hate your body, whether you're thin, average or slightly bigger, everyone's beautiful in their own way and you should never be ashamed of it, be happy!

 If you're ever being bullied, whether it's about your weight, looks or a disability you should never be alone, always talk to someone whether it's your parents, friend or a teacher.

This has been a big thing for me to write, it's always been something I've been self-conscious about since I was younger but over the last couple of years I've gained tonnes of confidence and I'm so much happier.

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