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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask | Review

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Mask
Tea Tree Face Mask | The Bodyshop

Hello again lovelies, a few weeks ago I had a little splurge on The Body shop website yet again, typical Lauren. I had to repurchase one of their products and I noticed there was 50% off everything so I picked up 2 other products and popped them into my virtual basket, one of these products was the Tea Tree Face Mask.

Naturally, I chose this because I have acne-prone skin and I wanted something that I could use once a week that could hopefully minimise my breakouts. I was very apprehensive about trying the face mask at first, the last time I used a face mask I broke out in a horrible rash and I couldn't wear makeup on my face for a week, it was a disaster. Thankfully, this face mask didn't do that and I have a rash-free face, phew! 

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Mask
The Tea Tree Face Mask is a 100ml pot which doesn't seem like a lot for its £10.00 price tag but it has plenty of product that will last you a while, I think you could probably get at least 10 uses out of it. 

It is a clay mask but the consistency of the Tea Tree Face Mask is very creamy and spreads nice and easily onto the skin, you don't need a lot of product. It also has a very cooling effect on the skin (it also contains menthol) which leaves my face feeling very refreshed and clean after use. It also made my face feel incredibly soft afterwards which was amazing, almost like a newborn baby's bottom.

When applied, it gives my face a nice tingly feeling and it dries very quickly, it doesn't dry the skin out at all.

How to use?
 Apply generously to the face and neck with your fingers, avoiding the lip and eye area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off with water, preferably cold.

I have used the Tea Tree Face Mask regularly, only once a week at night to help minimise the breakouts, I can't say I've noticed a huge amount of difference to my face yet but it seems to have calmed my breakouts down a little which I love.

Overall, I think this face mask is definitely worth a try, especially for those that suffer from breakouts like me, it has made a big difference to my face even though I've not used it for that long. Hopefully, it will continue to make a bigger and better difference to my face overtime of using it.

 Have you tried The Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Mask? What do you think?

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