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Friday, 6 December 2013

Week 2 | I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here!

Oh my, I have been running a little far behind with this tag as it's week three now and the finale is on Sunday night, eek! I am so sad to see it ending already but it has been a pretty good three weeks of viewing. There has been plenty of laughs, drama and arguments and it's been so fun to watch.

To see my answers from week one take a look here.

I'm A Beauty Blogger Get Me Out of Here Tag

Now, let's take a look at the questions...

 1) Firstly congratulations! You won last weeks bush tucker trial and your reward is a makeover from a professional make-up artist. What would you choose and why?
I would go for a lovely brown smokey eye to make my eyes appear bigger and finish the look with a nude lip so I don't look too overdone.

 2) It's time to wash- okay so it's not a luxury shower or a bath but you do get a choice of one soap/shower gel to use. What would you choose and why? 
 I'd choose The Bodyshop Raspberry or Vineyard peach shower gel purely because they're such lovely scents.

3) Today is the arrival of a new camp mate, yay! You get to decide, it can be anyone this time. Who will it be and why? 
 I'd probably choose Jamie Laing or Ollie Locke from Made in Chelsea purely because they  seem like such a good laugh and down to earth.

4) It can be a little boring in the jungle and you're feeling sluggish. What one fitness exercise would you do?
I'd do dance, I did majorettes for a long time so I'd probably just bust some random dance moves and make a fool of myself.

5) How would you create your own jungle fashion style?
Agh, this is a difficult question but I'd probably do the exact same thing as Amy Willerton and go for a Britney Spears type style and tie my top up, that's about as creative as I'd get haha.

6) What's your favourite Australian product and why?
Well this is easy, it has to be the Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner range because it has improved my hairs condition so much, I swear by the stuff!

7) Good news, the camp has won the treasure chest! In need of something sweet, each camp mate wins their own cupcake. What would yours be?
I'd go for a 'butterfly' cake with buttercream, they're so lovely! They're a childhood favourite of mine.

8) Challenge- bush tucker trial number 2, 'the jungle hair & beauty salon'. You're sitting under a vintage hair dryer and instead of hot air being blasted out you are greeted by 10,000 creepy crawlies. Which creepy crawlies would you detest the most and which ones wouldn't you mind?
 I'm fine with spiders but I'd hate any bigger bugs like cockroaches.

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