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Friday, 29 November 2013

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Today I am bringing to you a step by step tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes properly. Now, I have to admit when I first started getting into makeup and using makeup brushes I didn't think that cleaning them was necessary at all but now I understand why it should be done. It makes me feel a little sick that I used to never wash my brushes at all not knowing I wasspreading bacteria all over my face, eww! You would be quite surprised at how many people never wash their brushes, I'm disgusted that I used to be one of those people. I am quite obsessed with deep cleaning my makeup brushes now and I do it every single weekend.

It is an absolute must to deep clean your makeup brushes at least once a week as everytime you use them they collect makeup, dirt, bacteria and oil and they get stuck to the bristles. It is extremely important to clean them especially if you are acne prone as using dirty brushes can spread more bacteria onto your face causing an unexpected breakout to appear.

To learn how to clean your brushes properly you can follow my step by step tutorial below.
How to Clean your Makeup BrushesHow to Clean your Makeup Brushes Step One: 
You start by running your brush underneath lukewarm water to rinse out the makeup.
Make sure that you don't put the handle anywhere near the water as it can loosen the glue on the brush and bristles may start to fall out.

Step Two and Three:
Grab some baby shampoo and pour it onto the palm of your hand.

Step Four:
Swirl your brush into the shampoo in a circling motion to create a lather and then rinse out under lukewarm water. If there is still a build up of makeup stuck to the bristles you can pour some virgin olive oil onto your hand and swirl your brush in a circle motion and rinse in lukewarm water. If there is still some makeup left after this then keep repeating this step.

Step Five:
Reshape the brush and lay it down flat on a towel to dry.

Step Six:
Repeat all steps for all your brushes and set them all down onto the towel to dry when finished.

Spot Cleaning!

You can also spot clean your brushes using a brush cleaner or baby shampoo.
You apply the brush cleaner or baby shampoo onto a tissue and wipe your brush up and down and in a circling motion.

I hope I made this sound simple for you or helped you in some way.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

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