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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Lipstick Collection: The Pink Edition #3

Pink Lipstick Collection

Two weeks ago I started my series post of My Lipstick Collection: The Pink Edition showing off my ever growing collection of Pink lipsticks and today I'm bringing you part 3! A few years ago I would have never dreamt of even wearing a lipstick let alone having a collection of them. I always thought that lipsticks were for older people but hell no, I am absolutely obsessed with them now.

Ever since I was a young girl my favourite color has always been pink and it's never changed, I think that's part of the reason why I have more pink lipsticks than any other shades although some shades of pink don't really suit my skin tone.

Anyway today the lipstick I will be sharing with you is the Barry M Lip paint in the shade '100'. I don't think it's got a name to it but it's a lovely baby pink shade.

Barry M Lip Paint 100

I came across this lip paint over a year ago when I went shopping with a friend.
It's a light pink/baby pink shade and my reasons for buying this was that I wanted to find a new pink lipstick that could replace my everyday lipstick but unfortunately this didn't impress me.

It is way too drying, once I applied this on my lips I noticed that it was flaking off and I didn't have dry lips at the time so I knew that it wasn't doing that for those reasons.
The pigmentation is brilliant but the finish just completely ruined it for me.

This lip paint is the older version but Barry M has now bought out new lip paints with ultra moisturising lip paints that contain Cocoa butter. I am yet to try them out, I'm so curious as they've changed the formulation.

Barry M Lip Paint 100 Swatch

As you can see from the swatch above it's a really pale shade of pink and I love the pigmentation, It's just a shame that it wasn't moisturizing as I would have liked.

Have you tried the Barry M Lip Paints?
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