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Monday, 14 October 2013

My Lipstick Collection: The Pink Edition #2

Pink Lipstick Collection

Hello again beauties! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend despite the cold weather. As you know I'm a huge lover of pink, not to the point where all my clothes or pink but I kind of have a little obsession with pink lipsticks. I say little, I mean big! Every single time I come across a pretty pink lipstick I can't resist! what can I say? It's starting to become a habit.

Anyway last week I did the very first part of my Lipstick collection for the 'Pink Edition' and today I've chosen to show you 2 fabulous pink lipsticks from Collection 2000 or 'Collection' as they're now known.

Collection Pink Shock and Bubblegum Lipsticks
 Collection Pink Shock and Bubblegum Lipstick Swatches
On the left is the shade 'Pink Shock' and on the right is the shade 'Bubblegum'.
'Pink Shock' is quite a vibrant pink shade and it's incredibly striking.

As you can tell, it's barely been worn as it's way too vibrant for my super pale skin but I do wear this sometimes when I have had a tan. 

The shade 'Bubblegum' has been in my makeup bag for as long as I can remember, It's a beautiful baby pink shade and I absolutely adore it. I bought this when I ran out of my old baby pink lipstick and this just seemed to fit right in and I've bought this repeatedly for years.

I bought these lipsticks from Superdrug for only £2.99 each which is quite cheap.
You can also buy them from Boots or any discount store such as Wilkinsons. These are definitely worth trying out if you're looking for a lipstick on a budget.

Have you tried these lipsticks?

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