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Thursday, 3 October 2013

About Me

Ever Since I started this blog nearly 2 weeks ago I thought it would be good to write a blog post dedicated to you finding out more about me so here we go.

About Me

The Basics

My name is Lauren Hills and I am 20 years old living in Devon and I love everything beauty, leopard print and pink! I'm a girly girl at heart.

To get you to know a little bit more about me I thought I'd share my own story with you, something that you wouldn't know about me unless I told you myself.

The Story

When I was younger at 5/6 years of age my life went a little downhill when I found out that I was partially deaf in both ears. I was a perfectly happy, bubbly girl who'd not want for anything and I remember this one particular day when I was out with my aunty.. We were having a little walk and she was asking me questions and my response to that was always 'what?'. To my knowledge this was the first time that anyone had realized that I had trouble hearing. My parents took me to the hospital a few days or weeks later to find out what was wrong.. I had a hearing test and when they got the results back they told my parents that I was partially deaf and I got fitted for some hearing aids.

I've always wanted to know what caused it and no one had an answer to it because it was really out of the blue. Bizarre as it may seem but I've been told that it could have been due to having chicken pox as a child but I'm still not entirely sure, it could have been a number of things.

After I got my first hearing aids I was fine with it but I was a little shy and I always felt like I was left out by some children just because there was something different about me.
As I grown up and went through junior school I lost confidence, I didn't like wearing my hair up anymore because people would see my hearing aids and I was picked on. I always felt like the other kids were looking at me like I was out of place and I had horrible comments and insults thrown at me like 'haha you're deaf', 'you're a deaf bitch' and I did get bullied quite a lot through junior school and a little bit through secondary school. 

Thankfully towards the last few years of secondary school I built that confidence back up and now I'm back to the happy, bubbly girl that I was before I was 7.

This isn't a sob story or me feeling sorry for myself, I just thought it'd be a good idea to share this so you can get a good idea of who I am... my hearing problems don't define me, It's my personality and I am finally happy and okay with being partially deaf.

Why did I create a Blog?

Creating my own Beauty & Fashion Blog is something that I'd wanted to do for ages but I didn't because I didn't want to be judged or laughed at but thinking back on it.. why should I have cared what people think? It's what I wanted to do. I love everything beauty and ever since I was 13 it was something that I wanted to become more involved in.
This blog is a way for me  to share all my thoughts and opinions with everyone and I am so glad I finally got the guts to finally get into this & I absolutely love blogging.

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