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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

50 Random Facts about Me

I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this but this tag has been floating around on so many blogs lately and I thought I'd have a go of this myself. I thought this tag would be brilliant to help you lovely lot, my viewers, to get to know me a bit better as I'm fairly knew to this blogging malarkey. I found it incredibly difficult to think about 10 facts about me let alone 50! I did previously write an about me post, which you can find here if you want take a little look.

Anyway here we go...

1. I've dyed my hair more than 5 times, possibly more than 10!

2. I first fully started getting into makeup at the age of 14/15

3. I am partially deaf in both ears and wear hearing aids

4. I had jaw surgery 2 years ago due to having goofy teeth as a child and it was the only option to align my teeth. 

5. My favourite colour is pink

6. I used to do majorettes for 8/9 years

7. I wasn't born deaf, my hearing deteriorated at the age of 7 years old

8. I am a huge lover of crime scene programmes such as CSI and Criminal Minds

9. I have never ever been abroad, I've only gone as far as Cornwall on holiday

10. I absolutely hate coffee, I struggle to understand why people drink it! eww

11. I have 5 cats and a dog, technically not mine, they're my parents

12. I love horror movies

13. I want a chihuahua or a Pomeranian puppy, they're so cute!

14. My favourite dessert is Cheesecake, I went through a period when I bought one cheesecake every month and ate it full.

15. I'm naturally skinny and I can't seem to put on weight :( some people assume I don't eat.

16. I'm a huge lover of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore!

17. I have two sisters and a brother

18. I'm not allergic to anything (I think)

19. I once had a bad reaction to a face mask, I went without any makeup on for a week, urgh!

20. My favourite holiday is Christmas

21. I used to climb trees as a child

22. My birthday is on the 28th February making me 19 years old!

23. I'd rather spend my money on makeup than clothes

24. I live in Devon

25. I am a very fussy eater

26. I've never tried Ben and Jerry's ice cream! shocking..

27. I've always tried changing the way I look, whether it's my hair, makeup, fashion sense because I'm not confident in myself

28. My natural hair colour is mousey brown

29. I let my auntie cut my hair short and I regret it, now I wear hair extensions

30. I had braces for 2 and a half years

31. I collect nail polish but hardly ever wear it 

32. My biggest makeup obsession is lipstick

33. My first ever CD was Britney Spears

34. I am 5ft8/9

35. I am a Pisces

36. I did Beauty Therapy for a few months in college but I decided to quit for whatever reason

37. I share a room with my younger sister

38. I've watched Doctor Who ever since it started up again in 2005, geek alert!

39. Me and my siblings are all born two years apart

40. I love leopard print

41. I would love to travel to America, especially NY and L.A

42. I have to admit I've never been to a concert in my life and I'm clearly missing out

43. I can't sleep properly without a teddy bear (I'm a big kid)

44. I have green/blue eyes

45. I hate 'healthy' food

46. I have a huge celebrity crush on Danny Mac that plays 'Dodger' on Hollyoaks, phew!

47. I have a tendency to shout at the telly

48. I can't watch the telly without having the subtitles on due to my hearing problems

49. I am quite sarcastic and sometimes act quite childish for my age

50. I really want a tattoo!!

                                                Hope you enjoyed reading this!
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